perhaps one of the must or important recipes made with a combination of lentils, herbs & spices. it is one of the handy recipes to have in your pantry, especially if you are planning a holiday .


perhaps one of the popular lentil-based curry recipe made with 5 different lentils. it uses toor dal, moong dal, channa dal, masoor dal and black urad dal with simple onion and tomato base and a combination of spices. 


a popular homely and creamy lentil curry recipe made with the whole black urad dal or sabut urad dal. it is a known day to day curry recipe made in north india, particularly in north and served with either choice of flatbreads


an extremely popular black coloured lentil recipe made with black whole urad dal. the recipe is typically made in punjabi gurudwaras and served in langar with rice or roti and is known for simplistic taste


a simple and tasty lentil based curry recipe made with split pea lentil and indian spices. it is one of the most sought lentil curry recipe made and served as a side to rice based recipes. having said that when the same recipe


a simple healthy and tasty rasam recipe which is ideally served with hot steamed rice. however it can also be served as soup as a appetizer and even for common cold problems.


an easy and classical rasam recipe made with green gram lentil and fresh herbs. the recipe is extremely simple and easy to prepare as it does not require any additional spice mix or rasam mix.


a popular and filling authentic sindhi breakfast delicacy which comes with crisp puri’s and spicy chana dal. traditionally this combo of dal and fried puri is served mainly breakfast, but can also be served for brunch and evening snack


a traditional and authentic gsb konkani style dal recipe made with toor dal. it is a special recipe to the gowda saraswat brahmin community in the konkan region of south and north canara. 



a traditional gujarati one-pot meal recipe made with toor dal and wheat dough. it is one-pot meal that is served and does not need any rice or flatbread with it as it does contain both

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