an interesting and unique deep-fried dessert recipe made with a creamy vanilla scoop wrapped with bread slices. it is an urban sweet confectionary which is typically served as desserts in asian or fast food restaurants chain. 


an easy and simple refreshing ice cream recipe made with just 3 ingredients – biscuits, cream and condensed milk. technically there is no added sugar but the condensed milk does contain sugar and more than sufficient for this recipe


an ideal kids friendly chocolate-filled vanilla ice cream recipe, made with just 3 ingredients. it can be easily made with any full cream with a hint of sugar and vanilla flavour in it. these creamy ice cream.


. an extremely popular ice cream recipe made with cooking cream, jaggery, and condensed milk. this ice cream recipe is known for its creamy taste, flavor and crunchy butterscotch crystals you get while scooping each bite. 


an interesting fusion dessert recipe made with different ice cream flavours and dry fruits. the recipe for this dessert was discovered accidentally in a rush and hence the name of gadbad or confusion


basically a creamy custard flavoured milk popsicle or custard candy recipe with tutti frutti toppings. this could be your kids new favourite popsicle as these popsicle are ultra creamy because of full cream milk,


. a popular and creamy ice cream variant recipe prepared with the mango flavor or mango pulp. perhaps one of the most popular variant of ice cream recipe especially during the summer season or mango season


a popular and healthy ice cream recipe made without cooking cream, sugar, and more importantly without any ice cream machine. hence the ice cream is known as guilt-free ice cream dessert.


an easy flavoured ice cream recipe prepared with thickened cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence. it can be easily served as a dessert to kids and adults and also combined with hot gulab jamun too.



an authentic and traditional indian ice cream recipe is also known as kulfi made with milk solids and kesar pista toppings. it is one of the popular and sought after dessert recipe from indian cuisine and served after lunch or dinner

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