an interesting and healthy snack recipe made with potatoes, rice flour  and besan flour. it is an ideal tea-time snack recipe that can be  prepared in minutes and can be stored for weeks in a large container. 


perhaps one of the easy and simple chaat recipes prepared with fried  potatoes & additional chaat seasonings. it is not just a tasty  appetising snack meal, but also a filling snack due to the use of  potatoes as its base. 


an easy and interesting snack recipe made with spiced potato filling in homemade patties sheets. these are ideal tea time or kids friendly snacks recipe that can also be served to any age group. these are filled  with flavours and spices


one of the simple and easy deep fried snack pakora made with potato grate and blend of spices. unlike the traditional pakora recipes which  are made with a combination of besan and rice flour


simple and crispy chakli recipe made with a combination of potato, besan  and rice flour. it is an ideal alternative to the regular rice and urad  dal as this chakli comes with loaded potato starch. the speciality of  these chaklis


an easy and simple deep fried snack recipe made with plain flour &  aloo stuffing. it is basically an alternative version of the popular  deep-fried samosa recipe with a unique toffee


an easy and simple curry or sabji recipe prepared with a tomato base and without onion and garlic. it is particularly prepared during the  fasting or festival season of Navaratri and served with poori or with types of roti


an easy and crispy deep-fried snacks recipe made with plain flour,  mashed potatoes and spices for seasoning. it is an ideal tea-time snack  generally served and relished with a cup of tea but can also be served  as a side to lunch and dinner


an easy and simple street style sandwich recipe made with simple mashed potatoes and cheese stuffing. the recipe is very much inspired by the mumbai street style sandwich



a classical north indian stuffed bread recipe made with wheat flour and  spiced potato mash for stuffing. it is one of the popular paratha  recipes which is not only easy to make but also one of the tasty

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