poha idli recipe | instant poha rava idli | avalakki idli with  detailed photo and video recipe. an easy, soft and puffy south indian  breakfast idli recipe made with poha and idli rava. 


avalakki rotti recipe | poha roti recipe | avalakki akki rotti with  detailed photo and video recipe. one of the easy and simple breakfast  recipes made with a combination of beaten rice and rice flour. 


an easy and interesting chaat recipe prepared with both thin and thick poha using basic vegetables and chivda mixture. it is simple and quick  to make without any requirement of chaat 


perhaps one of the easy and simple yet essential morning breakfast recipes. it is basically prepared with thick or medium poha that is also known as flat beaten rice


an easy and simple deep fried snack recipe made with beaten rice and  boiled potatoes. it is an ideal snack recipe, which is not only  attractive to look, but also offers a burst of flavours


a traditional and authentic ladoo recipe specifically made for Krishna Janmashtami. it is a simple ladoo recipe made in south India,  particularly in tamil cuisine with beaten flat rice or thin poha.


an unique and tasty poha or flattened rice based recipe made for  morning breakfast or as a snack. unlike in the traditional poha recipes  where thick poha is used


an ideal instant breakfast recipe made with flattened rice batter and  vegetable toppings. the recipe is an extended version of the traditional  uttapam recipe which is made with rice and urad dal batter


a fried breaded cutlet or patties recipe which is made from beaten rice  or aka poha with mashed potato. and ideal party starter or kids snack  recipe and it can be easily extended as patties for burger


a soft and spongy south indian dosa recipe which is an ideal breakfast recipe for weekend mornings or brunch. it is typically served or eaten with choice of chutney recipes


an ideal bachelor recipe or even for any planned or unplanned trip which can be prepared within minutes by just adding hot water. basically, all the poha mix is prepared by dry roasting all the ingredients


a traditional maharashtrian or north karnataka spicy snack made with  thin flattened rice and other spices. it is popularly consumed as an  evening snack with a cup of tea

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