a popular meat curry alternative prepared very similar to the meat curries with soya chunks or meal maker. it can be ideal gravy curry for most of indian bread recipes like roti and chapati but not limited to it.


a unique and protein-rich indian curry recipe made with soya chaap and a unique spice rich gravy sauce. it is an ideal meat substitute indian curry that would provide the same texture and flavour as any meat-based curry.


an easy and healthy flavoured fried rice recipe made with an extra topping of soya chunks. the recipe is very much inspired from the meat-based fried rice, where meat is replaced with soya chunks.


a healthy vegetarian snack recipe prepared from soya bean which is rich in protein and is best alternative to meat or chicken. it is hugely popular in south east asian countries like india, bangladesh .


a popular vegetarian keema version made with soya granules or meal maker. the recipes are made similar to the mutton or chicken keema where soya granules are minced or chopped finely and sautéed


an indian curry recipe prepared mainly with coconut and cashew based gravy with soya chunks or soya beans as main ingredient. soya bean recipes are always protein-rich recipes and even this kurma 


a popular dry curry recipe prepared with nutrela soya chunks, finely chopped onions, tomatoes and with other dry spices. it is typically served as a side dish to roti, chapathi and even with steamed rice


simple, healthy and protein packed biryani recipe, which is mainly prepared with soya chunks layering curry with long grain basmati rice. it is a perfect alternative to the traditional vegetable biryani recipe .


an easy flavoured ice cream recipe prepared with thickened cream, condensed milk and vanilla essence. it can be easily served as a dessert to kids and adults and also combined with hot gulab jamun too.



an authentic and traditional indian ice cream recipe is also known as kulfi made with milk solids and kesar pista toppings. it is one of the popular and sought after dessert recipe from indian cuisine and served after lunch or dinner

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