an easy and simple quick dosa recipe made with plain flour and wheat  flour with some onion toppings. it is an ideal south indian breakfast  recipe which can be prepared within minutes and can be served for all  age groups.


a perfect and easy instant breakfast recipe prepared with rice flour  and topped with spices and veggies. it is basically a combination of  neer dosa and rava dosa recipe which carries the same set of ingredients  and the way it is prepared.


an easy and simple way to make your desired breakfast recipes with a  dosa premix powder. basically, it follows the same ingredients as the  traditional dosa recipe with rice and urad dal, but dry roasted and  grounded to a fine powder


this dosa recipe is an easy alternative with your left over rice for  those busy mornings. there are many instant dosa, but they are not  anywhere near to traditional dosas of south india. however, this instant dosa recipe with cooked rice 


an interesting and healthy way of preparing a crisp and instant dosa  recipe with bottle gourd. it has strong similarities to the popular  crisp rava dosa recipe with the same batter and addition of lauki to it


an easy and simple breakfast dosa recipe made with semolina, poha and  sour curd. unlike the traditional dosa appam recipe, this recipe does  not require soaking, fermentation and the batter can be made in less  than 15 minutes. 


basically an instant and quick version of a popular set dosa recipe made  with sooji, poha & yoghurt. it is typically served with a spicy  chutney or curry which is also known as mix veg kurma or sagu. 


one of the unique and interesting dosa recipes prepared with aloo  masala & rava dosa batter. it is one of the complete meals under the  dosa category after the most popular masala dosa recipe due to the  spicy stuffing in it.


a popular south indian crepe recipe made with semolina, rice flour and  plain flour. the batter of semolina dosa is thin as compared to  traditional rice-based dosa batter which yields crisp and flaky dosa. it  can be ideally served for any occasions



crisp and healthy dosa recipe made with powdered oats, rava and rice  flour. the recipe is very similar to the popular rava dosa and can be  easily said as an extension to it. the recipe is a good alternative from  the traditional dosa


a healthy instant dosa variety made from wheat flour or atta ideal for  early morning breakfast or even for tiffin box. unlike the other  traditional south indian dosa recipe, atta dosa does not require fermentation and batter 


a healthy and delicious dosa recipe prepared with ragi millet or also known as finger millet. the ragi dosa  batter is prepared with ragi flour, rava and rice flour. the dosa  texture is very similar to the popular rava dosa with variation 


a quick and instant dosa recipe prepared from left over sandwich bread  slices with finely chopped onions and tomato topping. an ideal breakfast  recipe for those busy mornings and can easily served with coconut chutney 


rava masala dosa recipe is a famous south indian crepe prepared with rava or semolina. this very similar to rava onion dosa recipe, however aloo bhaji is topped on this dosa. moreover, onion’s are not mixed withe the dosa batter 

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