gulla bajji
gulla bajji is a dip made from brinjals either by roasting them or boiling and peeling them. gulla bajji or mattu gulla bajji or eggplant / brinjal side dish is a simple udupi, managalore side dish served with rice just before rasam or sambar. it is most popular as it is simple and a tasty dish.
mohanthal recipe
mohanthal recipe | how to make traditional mohanthal recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. yet another traditional indian sweet recipe with the combination of besan flour, ghee and sugar. it has a significance resemblance to the south indian mysore pak and also besan burfi, but still differs with the way it is prepared and texture. most commonly, this sweet is prepared during indian festival like diwali, navaratri and gudipadwa.
instant ready mix masala dosa
masala dosa mix recipe | instant mix ready masala dosa recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically, the idea of this recipe is to prepare the instant mix and store in a air tight container to prepare the dosas whenever required. in other words, this instant mix is very similar to ready mix what we get in most of the indian grocery shops. however, in this recipe there is no preservative as you would expect in store brought one.
cheese paratha
aloo cheese paratha recipe | cheese paratha recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. paratha's are traditionally a breakfast recipe throughout the western and northern part of india. more often, these parathas are served with curd, mango pickle and topped with butter. cheese stuffed aloo paratha is prepared very similarly to traditional aloo parathas. however, cheese is added to the stuffing to make it more delicious.
paneer peas pulav recipe
paneer pulao recipe | how to make paneer peas pulao | paneer pulav recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. yet another pulao variations with the touch of paneer and other indian spices. basically it is prepared by cooking the rice separately and then mixing it up with spiced vegetables and grated paneer. paneer can added either shredded or cubes of paneer or even combination of both.
mushroom rice recipevideo
mushroom rice recipe | mushroom pulav | mushroom pilaf recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. pulao or pilaf recipes are very common in india and can be made with myriad vegetables and pulses. it is ideal lunch box recipe or one pot meal which does not need any extra side dish. one such popular pulao or rice recipe is mushroom rice made with sliced mushrooms and indian spices.
how to make eggless choco ice creamvideo
chocolate ice cream recipe | how to make eggless choco ice cream with step by step photo and video recipe. ice cream recipes are very common and a popular confectionery desserts across all age groups. but nothing can beat the creamy and easy homemade eggless choco ice cream recipe to beat this hot and humid summer season. without a doubt this recipe would be instant hit, with not only with kids but also with adults and adolescents.
vegetable kolhapuri
veg kolhapuri recipe | vegetable kolhapuri recipe restaurant style with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a thick coconut based extra spicy curry recipe from western part of maharasthtra. it is open ended curry in terms of adding vegetables. it is typically cooked with vegetables like aloo, gobi, carrot, peas and even broccoli. moreover it is spiced with a unique kolhapuri masala which is blend of whole dry spices and dry coconut.
mysore rasam
mysore rasam recipe | south indian rasam recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a lentil based soup, typically served with hot steamed rice for lunch or dinner. this rasam recipe is also served as soup for common cold problems as it is spiced with pepper. typically, rasam recipes are prepared with tamarind water, lentil and rasam powder, however this rasam recipe contains grated coconut too.
suji ka cheela recipevideo
rava chilla recipe | suji ka cheela recipe | instant sooji chilla with step by step photo and video recipe. typically sooji ka cheela is served for early morning breakfast with choice of chutney and tomato sauces. but it is also a very good alternative for daily lunch boxes. in addition plain rava chilla can also be served during upvas or as vrat recipes.