aloo papdi recipe
aloo papdi recipe | aloo ki mathri | aalu papdi recipe | aalu ki papdi with step by step photo and video recipe. papdi or crackers are perhaps one of the favourite tea time snacks of india. these are generally crispy, brittle, spicy and savoury in texture and hence can also be served alongside any meal like pappad. there are different types of flours to use it but this is a unique flavoured papdi with boiled vegetable in it which adds the extra flavour and taste to it.
roti tacos recipe
roti tacos recipe | taco roti recipe | chapati tacos | leftover roti taco with step by step photo and video recipe. well, mexican cuisine is still not that popular in india, but the combination of cheese snacks are always in high demand. even better if it is made in a healthy and nutrient way to make it a complete meal. one such ideal leftover recipe idea is the roti tacos with cheese, vegetables, kidney beans and avocado stuffing.
palak patra recipe
palak patra recipe | palak rolls | spinach patra roll | palak alu vadi with step by step photo and video recipe. patra recipes are traditionally made with arbi or colocasia leaves which are seasonal plant. there is huge fan following for this recipe and hence it is also made with other leafy vegetables and thus making all seasonal dish. it can be made with myriad vegetables, but the popular and healthy alternative is palak patra or spinach alu vadi.
moong dal ki kachori
moong dal kachori recipe | moong dal ki kachori | moong ki kachori with step by step photo and video recipe. deep fried snacks have always been one of the popular snacks variants for most of us. historically, it all started with kachori but it was soon taken over by other snack variants like samosa, pakora and indo chinese. yet the kachori variants still hold their authenticity and especially the moong dal ki kachori is known for its spice flavour with a flaky texture.
cabbage pakoda recipe
cabbage pakoda recipe | lachhedar patta gobhi ke pakode | cabbage bhajiya with step by step photo and video recipe. deep-fried snacks or pakora's are one of the favourite tea time snacks for most of us. these are generally made with a choice of vegetables, but some vegetables may not be suitable for every day of a week. hence we may need an alternative vegetable and cabbage based lachhedar patta gobhi ke pakode is one such easy and simple pakora.
maggi puff recipe
maggi puff recipe | maggi bread puff | maggi bread pockets with step by step photo and video recipe. puff patties or any baked snacks are super popular in India, especially with younger generations. however, preparing the puff pastry can be tricky and requires a lot of effort and dedication to get the same result as external vendors unless you use store-bought sheets. to avoid this stress, you may also use leftover bread slices with the popular maggi stuffing known as maggi bread puff.
bread samosa recipe
bread samosa recipe | bread cone samosa | bread samosa pockets with step by step photo and video recipe. samosa recipes are a super popular snack out of all the savoury snacks from indian cuisine. but it can be tricky to make at home especially if you are not used to making it on a regular basis. hence most of the time we end up buying from a local bakery store. keeping this in mind, i am presenting you with a simple samosa recipe that does not require kneading dough and made with bread slices.
masala papad recipe
masala papad recipe | homemade masala papadums - 4 ways | papad masala varieties with step by step photo and video recipe. papad is one such condiment that is a must for most of the meal, yet it does not get the importance it deserves. even though it is a must for many to complete a meal, but it is served at a corner of a thali plate without much importance to it. perhaps, it is assumed it is not an interesting dish by itself. hence i am planning to make it more interesting with the masala papad recipe in 4 different ways.
stuffed capsicum bonda
capsicum bajji recipe | stuffed capsicum bonda | stuffed capsicum pakora with step by step photo and video recipe. indian street food is a mix of spicy chaat recipes, sandwiches, dessert and deep-fried snacks. in terms of the deep-fried meals, most of them fall under the pakora or bajji where an individual vegetable is coated in spiced batter and deep-fried. similarly, this recipe belongs to a bajji category where the entire capsicum is deep-fried till crisp with potato stuffing.
bread cheese burst pizza recipe
bread cheese burst pizza recipe | cheese burst bread pizza recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. bread based pizza variations is hugely popular across india, especially with bachelors. bread based pizza recipes are extremely simple to make and can cater for all age groups and for all part of the day's meal. these are generally made with pizza sauce applied on top of bread slices but can also be done as cheese burst with cheese stuffed between bread slices and topped with pizza toppings.