tambli recipe
tambli recipe | tambuli recipe - 4 ways | shunti, curry leaves, menthe & tomato tambli with step by step photo and video recipe. udupi cuisine is known for its healthy and tasty curry options served with rice. these are generally made without onion and garlic which follows the satvik meal preparations yet do not compromise on the taste. one such popular, simple and tasty curd based raita recipe is tambuli recipe known for the combination of taste it has to offer in each bite.
dahi tadka recipe
dahi tadka recipe | dahi tikhari | dahi ka tadka | tadke wali dahi with step by step photo and video recipe. generally most of the indian curries are cooked with heat with a sequence of spices added one after the other. apart from the series of ingredients added, it also takes a sufficient amount of time to prepare it. yet there are other variants to it and dahi tadka recipe or dahi tikhari is one such variant made without heat with minimal spices and ingredients added to it.
ridge gourd recipe
ridge gourd recipe | beerakaya curry | turai ki sabji | heerekai chutney & raita with step by step photo and video recipe. there are myriad vegetables we use on a day to basis and we end up making just one recipe out of it. however each and every part of these vegetables can be used to make different types of recipes and dishes. one such vegetable is ridge gourd and you can make curry, chutney and raita without wasting any part of it.
boondi raita recipe
boondi raita recipe | boondi ka raita | raita boondi | dahi boondi with step by step photo and video recipe. raita recipes are very basic and common recipe and perhaps one of the underrated recipe in indian cuisine. it can be made with different ingredients with yoghurt or curd as its main ingredient. boondi raita is one such popular yoghurt based dip made with deep fried and soaked boondi pearls.
cucumber raita recipe | kheera raita recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. a healthy curd salad recipe prepared with grated cucumber, roasted jeera powder and mixed together with yogurt. it is served as accompaniment to pulav recipes or biryani recipes, to reduce and beat the heat of spices.
tomato onion raita
onion tomato raita recipe | tomato onion raita recipe with step by step photo recipe. tomato onion raita is simple flavored yogurt recipe. it is topped with finely chopped onion and tomatoes. raita plays a very important role when served with spiced rice dishes. it helps to neutralize the heat of spices when served with biryani recipes.
banana chutney recipe | raw banana curd chutney recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. raw banana curd chutney is a popular south indian delicacy and the preparation may vary depnding upon the region. green banana chutney is also known with many other names like balekai mosaru bajji or ale bajji, aratikaya tokkalu pachadi or perugu pachadi. this recipe mainly inherits from kannada cuisine and andhra cuisine.
beetroot pachadi recipe
beetroot pachadi recipe | kerala style beetroot raita | beetroot yogurt curry with step by step photo and video recipe. in south indian cuisine, pachadi recipe is an synonym to the raita recipe from north indian cuisine. it is generally prepared with choice of vegetables as side dish or appetizer if not as main curry. beetroot based pachadi is one such simple and healthy recipe from the popular malayalam cuisine.
pudina raita recipe | mint raita recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a flavoured yogurt dip prepared from grounded mint leaves and mixed with curd. it is a ideal condiment which can be either served with spicy rice recipes or even with starters like samosa, aloo tikki etc.