Sattu Ladoo Recipe | Sattu Ke Laddu – Healthy Kids Snacks

sattu ladoo recipe | sattu ke laddu - Healthy Kids Snacks with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Indian cuisine is incomplete without mentioning its classical and traditional sweets and dessert recipes. Most of these sweets and dessert recipes are made with milk and different types of flour & grains. One such easy and simple North Indian cuisine dessert is sattu ladoo recipe known for its crunchy taste.

Rasam Rice Recipe | Rasam Sadham – Rasam Chawal

rasam rice recipe | rasam sadham - rasam chawal with step-by-step photo and video recipe. South Indian cuisine is loaded with multiple rice-based and flavored rice recipes. These are a perfect choice for lunch boxes but are not limited to them and can be used for various occasions and celebrations. One such easy and quick-flavoured rice recipe is rasam rice recipe, known for its texture and filling nature.

Mughlai Paratha Recipe | Veg Bengali Moglai Porota

mughlai paratha recipe | moglai porota | veg mughlai paratha bengali recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. each paratha recipe is very unique with its stuffing or perhaps the way it is cooked and fried. moreover each region and location in india has its own variation and native to its cuisine. mughlai paratha recipe is one such variation from the rich and tasty bengali cuisine which typically has meat stuffing.

Aloo Pyaz Pakora Recipe | Aloo Kandha Bhajiya – Pakoda

aloo pyaaz pakoda recipe | aloo pyaz pakora | aloo kandha bhajiya with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Pakora or deep-fried crisp snacks are very common snack recipes across India. It is typically made with just one hero ingredient which could be vegetable or dairy products. But it can also be made with a combination of vegetables and one of the popular North Indian pakora is the aloo pyaz pakora recipe.

Curd Dosa Recipe | Instant Soft & Sponge Dosa

sponge dosa recipe | curd dosa recipe | set dosa without urad dal recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically an easy dosa or pancake-crep recipe prepared with sour curd which brings porous and spongy texture. it is ideal breakfast recipe but not limited to it which is served with chutney recipes and sambar.

Bhel Puri Recipe | Bhel Poori | Bhel Puri Chaat –...

bhel puri recipe | bhel poori | bhel puri chaat | bhel recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine is known for its lip smacking chaat recipes, typically served by street vendors. most of them are generally gravy or sauce based snack filled with veggies, spices and chaat chutney's. but this recipe is dry version known as bhel puri recipe or as bhel recipe made with puffed rice.