appalu recipe | andhra rava appalu | sweet rava appam recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. rava or sooji based sweets or dessert recipes are very common across india. it is mainly based on the combination of semolina and sugar/jaggery which would form into different kinds of shapes and textures. one such simple and easy rava based sweet is andhra rava appalu sweet which is known for its crisp texture from rava and mild sweetness from sugar.
crushed peanut chikki recipe | crush chikki | crushed shengdana chikki with step by step photo and video recipe. chikki recipes are one of the popular dessert snacks recipes across india and are one of the simple snacks to prepare. generally, it is made with whole peanuts, but can also be made with other nuts like cashew nuts, almonds and a lot of others. in addition, it can also be made by crushing the nuts and crushed peanut chikki is one such popular way of preparing a sweet dessert snack recipe.
rice flour sweet recipe
rice flour sweet recipe | rice flour peda recipe | dessert sweet using rice flour with step by step photo and video recipe. sweet and dessert recipes are an essential and important aspect of indian food and cuisine. there are many traditional sweets that are mouth-watering in it taste, but may not be a healthy option and may be loaded with huge calories. hence we always look for a healthy dessert and rice flour sweet or also known as rice flour peda is one such sweet dessert known for its simplicity and taste.
halkova recipe - 90's kids favourite sweet
halkova recipe - 90's kids favourite sweet | palkova barfi | maida barfi with step by step photo and video recipe. there has been several snacks and dessert recipes that were super popular in the 90's era. gradually it has lost its charm and perhaps not liked much with the new generation and hence not much appreciated. one such 90's favourite dessert snack is halkova recipe or also known as palkova recipe known for its crisp taste and mouth-melting texture.
besan peda recipe
besan peda recipe | besan ka peda | how to make besan milk peda with step by step photo and video recipe. besan or chickpea flour has a major influence on indian cuisine and are used for many sweets and snacks. in terms of sweets, it is majorly used to prepare ladoo, halwa or barfi which are quite popular for their mouth melting taste. however, the same flour can also be shaped like a disc to form peda which carries all the goodness of besan yet has subtle peda influence.
protein balls recipe
energy balls recipe | protein balls recipe | protein ladoo | energy laddu with step by step photo and video recipe. indian sweets and desserts are one thing which cannot be easily avoided. these are so good to taste and for your tongue but produces a large number of calories to your body which can be harmful. to mitigate this craving we can produce the same indian sweets and laddu's without sugar, ghee and oil yet produce the same taste and flavour.
aalu ka halwa
aloo ka halwa recipe | aalu ka halwa | potato halwa | aloo halwa with step by step photo and video recipe. halwa recipes are one of the popular indian dessert recipes prepared across india in a different way. each region, demography, and province of india has its own way of preparing the halwa with locally available ingredients. one such popular north indian vrat special halwa recipe is aloo ka halwa recipe made specifically during the fasting season.
carrot delight recipe
carrot delight recipe | soft & tender carrot barfi | carrot sweet recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. carrot-based sweets are ultra-popular among indians and are made for different reasons. the best part of using carrot in any sweet is its naturally sourced sweetness in it which would help a lot to flavour the end result. one such hugely popular sweet recipe is the carrot delight recipe known for its softness with a mild sweet taste and coconut coating flavour.
chocolate barfi recipe
chocolate barfi recipe | chocolate burfi | chocolate mawa barfi | mawa chocolate burfi with step by step photo and video recipe. barfi recipes are generally made during the festival season with the intention to serve it to friends and family. these are generally made with milk solids or flour-like besan or maida to form creamy and smooth texture. however it can also be made with unconventional ingredients and chocolate or cocoa-based is one such chocolate barfi known for it chocolatey flavour.
mini rasgulla recipe
mini rasgulla recipe | bengali chenna raabari | angoor rasgulla with detailed photo and video recipe. bengali desserts are known for its milk-based desserts which are hugely popular for its creamy and spongy texture. most of these desserts are prepared by spoiling the milk and the milk curdles also known as chenna is sweetened with sweeting agent. one such easy and simple chenna based sweet recipe is angoor raabari or also refereed as mini rasgulla known for its size and appearance.