top 6 coconut oil benefits | diy home remedies with coconut oil


top 6 coconut oil benefits | diy home remedies with coconut oil with photos. coconut oil is considered as one of the worlds best oil with several health benefits. it is an edible oil, extremely high in saturated fat and comes in refined and unrefined form. coconut oil, not only used for cooking purposes but also has medicinal usage and is used for skin and hair care. i have mentioned 6 major tips in this article, however there are myriad uses and significances of coconut oil.
top 6 coconut oil benefits

top 6 coconut oil benefits | diy home remedies with coconut oil with step by step photos. coconut oil whose scientific name is ‘cocos nucifera‘. it is called ‘thengina enne’ in kannada, ‘naariyal thel’ in hindi, ‘khobarela thel’ in marathi, ‘tenkey enney’ in tamil, ‘kobbari nune’ in telugu, ‘veliccenna’ in malayalam, ‘narakela thel’ in bengal and ‘naliyera thel’ in gujarati.

firstly, the preparation of extra virgin coconut oil seems simple. however, undergoes multiple stages of processing. firstly, the coconut is cut into two equal halves and dried under the sun for about 4-5 days. it is further processed in oil mill for the extraction of coconut oil. also the shelf life is long compared to other oils. in addition, there are few myths about coconut oil. the most common myth is, coconut oil irritates when applied on skin. however, the fact is extra virgin coconut oil has very good soothing effect to skin. the irritation may be due to the unwanted foreign particles or dust present on our skin. also believed that, coconut oil increases cholesterol level, hence increase in the risk of heart attack. but the fact is, it contributes in increasing the level of good cholesterol.

diy home remedies with coconut oil

production of coconuts is concentrated on island and coastal areas. the major countries are indonesia, philippines, and india. coconut oil has major demand hence exported to rest of the world. coconut oil acts as moisturizing agent during winter for dry skin and lips. applying of coconut oil to hair prevents hair fall and strengthens hair from the roots. also to highlight the makeup, apply coconut oil on cheeks and massage gently. coconut oil helps to fight against infections, due to the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial nature. lastly, coconut oil improves digestion and boosts immunity.

finally, i would like to conclude with one of the basic use of coconut oil. cooking and beauty purposes are the major significance of coconut oil. pure coconut oil adds unique flavour to cooking. it also helps to take the recipe to next dimension.

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tips of coconut oil and coconut oil benefits :

  1. firstly, pouring hot coconut oil to fungal infected nails, cures nail infection.
    diy home remedies with coconut oil
  2. also to prevent dust allergic cold, apply coconut oil on inner surface of nostrils.
    top 6 coconut oil benefits
  3. furthermore, to have strong and healthy hair, use coconut oil with dry powdered curry leaves on hair.
    top 6 coconut oil benefits
  4. in addition, rub coconut oil on palm before chopping of vegetables to avoid stains caused brinjal, beetroot and jackfruit.
    diy home remedies with coconut oil
  5. to store lemon for 2 months, coat outer surface of lemon with coconut oil.
    top 6 coconut oil benefits
  6. finally, applying coconut oil prevents diaper rash in infants.
    top 6 coconut oil benefits

notes :

  • firstly, over consumption of coconut oil may lead to increase in overall cholesterol.
  • also store coconut oil in clean and dry container, to prevent fungal growth in oil.
  • always store coconut oil in away from sunlight in room temperature.
  • in addition, coconut oil helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth.
  • finally, applying of coconut oil on skin before shaving smoothens shaving and also avoids damage of skin.


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