tomato tambuli
tomato tambuli | tomato tambli | tomato raita | tomato flavoured yogurt with step by step photo recipe. tambli recipes are amazing rice side dish recipes. basically, a delicacy from udupi cuisine is prepared from curd/yogurt. in addition, to tomatoes, tambli recipes can be prepared from several other vegetables too.
okra raita
bhindi tambuli recipe | bhindi raita recipe | okra raita with step by step photo recipe. i love bhindi raita as the crispy bites of okras taste great with tempered yogurt. we south indians love tamblis and this is one among the most loved tambli recipe.
fenugreek seeds tambli
menthe tambli (tambuli) recipe| fenugreek seeds tambli recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. tambli has always been an integral part of udpui cuisine, and menthe tambli is the queen of all the tambli recipes. fenugreek seeds tambli is the healthiest and the tastiest flavored yogurt recipe. this is served in the beginning of a full course meal as a side dish for steamed rice.
pomegranate peel raita
pomegranate peel tambuli recipe | pomegranate peel raita step by step photo recipe. sun dried pomegranate peel tambli is best rescue for diarrhea problem. sun dried pomegranate peal is ground with coconut and some spices and mixed with yogurt
coriander leaves tambli
coriander leaves tambli recipe | kottambari soppu tambuli recipe with step by step photo recipe. tambli recipes have always been a delicacy of udupi cuisine. usually, tambli recipes are served just before the rasam in any feast. moreover, tambli recipe is a must recipe for day to day lunch or dinner in south canara. today i will share the amazing recipe of corriander leaves tambuli recipe.
spring onion tambli recipe | spring onion tambuli recipe with step by step photo recipe. i think you can see i have posted several tambli recipe. continuing the same pattern today i am back with another variety of tambli recipe. this time it is with spring onion tambli or tambuli recipe.
udnittu recipe | uddina hittu recipe with step by step photo recipe. udunittu is considered to be one of the signature dishes of udupi, karnataka. it is most popular raita made with urad dal flour. the texture and flavour is so unique that you can not resist from licking over.
palak tambli recipe | spinach flavored yogurt recipe with step by step photo recipe. palak tambuli is yet another authentic tambli recipe from udupi. this is a mixture of curd and palak / spinach leaves.
Bellulli Tambuli
bellulli tambli recipe | garlic flavored yogurt recipe or commonly known as tampuhuli in kannada is part of our everyday meal in udupi region or south canara. this recipe is very easy and effective recipe to prepare within minutes. moreover, this recipe has lot of garlic and hence it is very good for digestion. certainly this is a perfect meal starter recipe for all the rice lovers.