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instant soft stuffed idli
instant stuffed idli recipe or instant stuffed masala idli recipe or sanwich idli with step by step photo and video recipe. if you are bored of having the same old normal idli again and again, then i would recommend to try this recipe. in this recipe, i have stuffed idli with spicy aloo.
instant idli
instant bread idli recipe | instant idli recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. idli's are the traditional breakfast recipe of south india. idli prepared without fermentation yet soft and fluffy idli prepared from bread.
masala pundi recipe with rava | semolina dumplings recipe | pundi gatti or rava dumpling step by step photo recipe. rava dumplings come to my rescue when we want to cook something quick and it is not uppitu / upma.
tandoori roti on stove top
tandoori roti recipe | tandoori roti on stove top recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. a traditional indian flat bread recipe prepared with wheat flour. it is also a staple food of north india especially north west and punjab. originally, tandoori roti's are roasted and prepared in clay oven known as tandoor. however, in this recipe i have used the alternative's like tawa and pressure cooker.
eggless omelette | tomato omelette | besan ka cheela is a veggie-packed omelet, it a is perfect for brunch or a simple supper. are you a vegetarian and surprised how do you prepare omelette without egg?? you do not have to be.. here is a omelette which does not have eggs in it.
instant poha idli | instant idli with idli rava recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. this is instant idli recipe made from coarse idli rava (rice rava), poha, yogurt and baking soda. these are quick to make because no soaking, grinding and fermenting process required.
heerekai dose recipe | ridge gourd dosa recipe with step by step photo recipe. instant ridge gourd dosa is a popular dosa in many households of south canara region. basically, this is prepared with ridge gourd thinly sliced and dipped in rice dosa batter. the batter is grounded with spices and jaggery which gives the rich colour to this dosa.
milagu rasam recipe
pepper rasam recipe | milagu rasam recipe | menasina saaru with detailed photo and video recipe. a spicy, healthy and tasty liquid rasam recipe from southern states of india which is typically eaten with hot steamed rice. it is also served as a medicine for instant relief during common...