banana rasayana
banana rasayana recipe | balehannu rasayana recipe with step by step photo recipe. banana rasayana is one of the authentic desert recipe coming directly from udupi or mangalore region. this is a simple recipe prepared from diced banana with coconut milk and jaggery. this desert recipe is prepared in most of the south canara houses during special occasions like nagara panchami or ganesh chaturthi.
mumbai cutting tea
cutting chai recipe | mumbai cutting tea recipe | how to make cutting chai with step by step photo and video recipe. a popular refreshing beverage prepared from tea powder/leaves with concoction of milk, sugar, ginger and cardamom cutting chai is basically originated from mumbai, maharashtra which basically means half chai in quantity and price.
tarbooz ka juice
watermelon juice recipe | tarbooz ka juice | tarbuj ka juice with step by step photo and video recipe. beverages or refreshing drinks are very essential during the hot or summer season. most of the time it is made with tropical fruits available locally but it can also be made with artificial flavours too. watermelon juice recipe is one such tropical fruit drink which can be made with different ways to hydrate the body.
falooda recipe
falooda recipe | royal falooda | how to make homemade falooda with step by step photo and video recipe. indian street food recipe are known for the spicy and savoury snacks recipes made with deep fried ingredients. however there are some dessert recipes too which are famously served as street food after these savoury snacks. one such utlra popular dessert recipe is royal falooda known for its rich and creamy taste and flavour.
dates & chocolate smoothie
banana smoothie recipe | dates & chocolate smoothie | weight loss recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally smoothies recipes are prepared from blending the raw fruit in a mixture of ice, milk, fruit juice and sweeteners. banana smoothie recipe is one such thick beverage which is prepared with ripe banana and chilled milk. optionally it can also be flavored with additional flavors like dates & choco powder to make it attractive and kids friendly.
lauki juice recipe
lauki juice recipe | lauki ka juice | bottle gourd juice | dudhi juice with step by step photo and video recipe. typically during summer season in india, most of them resort to fancy, sugar rich cold beverages. these may provide immediate relief, but have long term problems to human body. however bottle gourd juice is an healthy and refreshing alternative which not only helps to quench the thirst but also improves health conditions.
sweet lassi
lassi recipe | sweet lassi recipe | punjabi lassi recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a traditional chilled beverage drink which prpared from thick curd. in other words, a youghurt based smoothie with assortment of flavorings from cardamom and saffron. most commonly, it is also topped with cooking cream or 'malai' to make it creamy and thick.
badam milk powder
badam milk recipe | mtr badam powder | almond milk | almond milk powder with step by step photo and video recipe. warm beverages or warm drinks are very common across india and are served for various purpose. generally when it comes to warm drink, cup of tea or frothy milk based coffee takes the top spot. bu then there are others indian warm beverages and badam milk recipe with badam powder is one such classic recipe.
drinks to boost immune system
immunity booster drink recipes | drinks to boost immune system | kadha drink recipes with step by step photo and video. our ancient ayurvedic teachings has a solution to most of our common problems. these solutions are generally made with the easily available ingredients in our kitchens. one such easy and simple, yet effective traditional recipes are kadha drink recipes, known for its immediate and effective relief.
cappuccino recipe
cappuccino recipe | homemade cappuccino recipe | homemade cappuccino coffee with step by step photo and video recipe. coffee beverage is one of the most common beverage consumed across all over the world. it is made and served in different form, with different ingredients with different concentration level. one such simple and easy coffee variation is the homemade cappuccino recipe, known for its froth and flavour.