palak dal khichdivideo
palak khichdi recipe | palak dal khichdi | how to make palak khichdi with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine deals with many traditional recipes which has evolved with many variations to the authentic one. khichdi is one such recipe which are mainly prepared if you are in a mood to have something light. palak khichdi is an upgraded version to it which has all the benefits of khichdi with nutrients from spinach.
mango pickle recipe
mango pickle recipe | aam ka achar | instant mango pickle recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a favourite and popular spicy condiment which can be served with almost all indian recipes. this version is also popularly known as 'adangai' in my hometown, udupi and is typically prepared...
black chana masala recipevideo
kala chana recipe | black chana masala recipe | black chickpeas curry with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe for punjabi kala chana curry is very simple and is prepared with basic ingredients easily available in any common kitchen. unlike any other punjabi curries recipes, this recipe is light with no cream or cashew paste which makes it more healthy. apart from serving it with roti's, it also tastes good with south indian breakfast dishes like idli, dosa or even idiyappam.
okra raita
bhindi tambuli recipe | bhindi raita recipe | okra raita with step by step photo recipe. i love bhindi raita as the crispy bites of okras taste great with tempered yogurt. we south indians love tamblis and this is one among the most loved tambli recipe.
thayir sadam
curd rice recipe | mosaranna recipe | thayir sadam recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. a popular yogurt rice dish of south india which is even offered as prasadam to devotees in several south indian temples. it can be easily prepared by just combining whisked curd and left over mashed rice plus some dry fruits. furthermore, it is even tampered with urad dal, mustard seeds red chilli and garnished with coriander leaves.
rajasthani dal bati churmavideo
dal baati recipe | rajasthani dal bati churma | dal baati in appe pan with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the traditional and ancient regional indian recipe coming from the rajasthani cuisine. the dish is a combination of 3 recipes, i,e mixed lentil curry, mixed with baked wheat balls with a powdered wheat balls as side dish. it is typically served for lunch during the peak cold winter season.
veg hakka noodles recipevideo
hakka noodles recipe | veg hakka noodles recipe | vegetable noodles with step by step photo and video recipe. primarily, hakka noodles is very similar to veg noodles recipe. however, in india, more popularly known as hakka noodles is actually an indian adaptation of original taiwanese hakka noodles. it has evolved to be one of the popular indian street foods. especially with indian chinese cuisine thriving, hakka noodles has undoubtedly marked its popularity.
fenugreek seeds tambli
menthe tambli (tambuli) recipe| fenugreek seeds tambli recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. tambli has always been an integral part of udpui cuisine, and menthe tambli is the queen of all the tambli recipes. fenugreek seeds tambli is the healthiest and the tastiest flavored yogurt recipe. this is served in the beginning of a full course meal as a side dish for steamed rice.
kadai vegetable recipevideo
veg kadai recipe | kadai vegetable recipe | vegetable kadai sabzi with step by step photo and video recipe. north idian cuisine or punjabi cuisine is known for its rich and creamy sabzi recipes. typically in vegetarian, it is either made with paneer or deep fried kofta in cream based gravy. but this recipe of veg kadai, inherits the recipe from paneer kadai with same spice masala but with mixed vegetables.
dal bafla recipevideo
dal bafla recipe | bafla bati in pan | how to make dal bafla with step by step photo and video recipe. indian recipes deals with myriad bread recipes which are either made with plain flour or wheat flour or combination of both. the shape and the preparation style is unique to each region and its demographics. one such unique hard bread recipe is dal bafla recipe served with the dal or choice of any gravy based curry.