soya bean recipe
soya chunks curry recipe | soya bean curry recipe | soya bean recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a thick creamy curry recipe prepared with soya nuggets and other indian spices. soya nuggets are by product of extracting soya bean oil. soya chunks are easy and quick to cook and turns to be juicy by absorbing the spiced curry.
potato grilled sandwich
aloo masala grilled sandwich recipe | potato grilled sandwich recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. fundamentally a grilled sandwich recipe prepared with aloo masala with other ingredients and spices.
palak tambli recipe | spinach flavored yogurt recipe with step by step photo recipe. palak tambuli is yet another authentic tambli recipe from udupi. this is a mixture of curd and palak / spinach leaves.
instant cooked rice dosa
instant dosa recipe with left over rice | dosa with cooked rice recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. this dosa recipe is an easy alternative with your left over rice for those busy mornings. there are many instant dosa, but they are not anywhere near to traditional dosas of south india. however, this instant dosa recipe with cooked rice is amazing alternative and can be prepared in jiffy.
kerala sadya kalan recipe
kalan recipe | kerala sadya kalan recipe | kurukku kalan curry with step by step photo and video recipe. kerala cuisine is known for its rice-based curries or side dish made from locally grown vegetables and coconuts. one such simple and easy curry recipe is kurukku kalan recipe made with raw banana and elephant yam. it is generally made on special occasions like onam feast or sandya feast but can be made on any particular day for your afternoon meal.
vangi bath powder
vangibhath masala powder recipe | vangi bath powder recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. vangi bath masala powder recipe is a traditional spice mix for vangibhath rice recipe. in terms of texture and aroma, it is very similar to puliyogare recipe. however, both has a subtle difference in taste and proportions of spices used. furthermore, when added to rice it delivers an amazing taste of spice plus the juicy texture of eggplant.
kerala paratha recipe
parotta recipe | kerala paratha recipe | malabar paratha recipe | kerala parotta recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. it is one of the most popular south indain street food parotta recipe. however these days parotta recipes are served in fine dine restaurants and tiffin centres. kerala parotta is typically served with coconut stew, chicken curry, egg curry or even with veg kurma.
soppu saaru recipe
soppu saaru recipe | huli soppina saru | mulangi or radish leaves saaru with step by step photo and video recipe. karnataka cuisine has a lot of influence from its neighbouring states and its evident in its recipes. having said that there are many traditional and native recipes to kannada cuisine. one such authentic and traditional rasam recipe is mulangi soppu saaru recipe made for steamed rice.
gatte ki sabji recipe
gatte ki sabji recipe | gatte ki sabzi recipe | besan ke gatte recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. rajasthani curries are known for its simplicity and are generally prepared with less ingredients. most of the curries deals with yogurt or curd which not only forms its base, but also provides the necessary taste to it. one such simple and easy recipe is gatte ki sabji recipe with besan dumplings.
paneer butter masala without onion and garlic
paneer butter masala without onion and garlic | paneer jain recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. paneer butter masala which is also known as paneer makhani is perhaps one of the popular paneer recipes in india and abroad. there are several variations to this creamy and buttery paneer recipe. one such variation is no onion no garlic paneer makhani or paneer butter masala without onion.