sheer kormavideo
sheer khurma recipe | sheer korma | how to make sheer khurma with step by step photo and video recipe. indian desserts or sweets recipes are always synonyms to the indian festivals and celebrations. each region and community contributes several rich and creamy milk based desserts with a properly crafted ingredients. sheer khurma recipe is one such milk based desserts filled with goodness of dry fruits.
gulab jamun
gulab jamun recipe | gulab jamun with milk powder recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. gulab jamoon is dessert recipe prepared from milk solids which is then dipped in hot sugar syrup. traditionally, it is prepared from milk khoya, however there are several other easy variations as well. one such variations is preparing with easily available milk powder. gulab jamun can also be prepared khoya and with instant gulab jamun mix too.
mango fruit custardvideo
mango custard recipe | mango fruit custard | mango custard dessert with step by step photo and video recipe. dessert recipes and fruit based beverages are very common during the summer season. particularly the mangoes are heavily used in the tropical climates which would eventually help to bring down the body temperature. one such fusion and popular recipe is mango custard recipe known for its flavors and creaminess.
junnu recipevideo
kharvas recipe | junnu recipe | how to make instant kharvas with step by step photo and video recipe. indian sweets are world famous and has many variants and flavors of sweets prepared with just full cream milk. particularly the bengali cuisine is full of chenna based sweets dipped in sugar syrup or sweetened milk. kharvas recipe or junnu is one such sweet recipe made from cow's colostrum, but in this i have used milk & milk powder.
mango ice cream recipevideo
mango ice cream recipe | how to make homemade mango ice cream with step by step photo and video recipe. ice cream recipes are the flavored desserts recipes in india during the supper or dry season. markets are flooded with several forms of ice creams or ice candies which includes the seasonal fruits and seasonal flavors. one such widely appreciated recipe is homemade mango ice cream recipe.
bread ki rasmalai with milkmaid
bread rasmalai recipe | bread ki rasmalai with milkmaid | instant rasmalai with step by step photo and video recipe. basically this is a cheat version of traditional bengali cusine rasamlai recipe which is prepared from chenna and rabdi. the taste of bread rasamlai may not match to the authentic rasamlai recipe, but certainly it is a lot easier and less cumbersome.
basundi recipevideo
basundi recipe | how to make basundi sweet | easy milk basundi with step by step photo and video recipe. generally the recipe for basundhi is prepared by simmering the full cream milk which is a common step for any milk based dessert. but there are several variation and also instant recipes too which should hasten the recipe steps. but with this recipe, i am sharing the traditional way of making it by boiling it in low flame till it reduces to half.
mango candy recipevideo
mango popsicles recipe | mango ice pops | mango pops | creamy mango popsicles with step by step photo and video recipe. popsicles recipes are common during the summer season. it can be made with different fruit flavors or combination of fruit flavors. one such summer special ice pops recipes is mango popsicles. it can be made with any mango fruit pulp and mixed with other fruit extract or used as it is.
pineapple sheera
pineapple sheera recipe | pineapple suji sheera recipe | pineapple kesari with step by step photo and video recipe. kids loves the sheera with chunks of pineapple. it is also popularly called as suji halwa, sajjige halwa, kesari, kesaribath, pudding or ravakesari.
dry gulab jamun recipevideo
dry gulab jamun recipe | dry gulab jamun with milk powder with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the recent innvovative and appreciated indian sweet recipe served dry with sugar crystals. most commonly dry gulab jamun recipe is found in the feast of religious or special occasions as it is easy to serve and consume. further it is also common practice to serve warm dry jamun with cold vanilla ice cream.