daliya recipe | vegetable dalia khichdi recipe | broken wheat recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several recipes prepared from broken wheat which includes soup, bread, pilafs or pulav and even khichdi from the indian cuisine.
vegetable stew recipevideo
vegetable stew recipe | veg stew | how to make kerala style vegetable stew with step by step photo and video recipe. kerala cuisine is famous for it coastal and sea food recipes which are predominately prepared with coconut flavor. the recipes are generally prepared with freshly grated coconut masala or with coconut milk. one such popular creamy kerala style curry is vegetable stew with choice veggies.
sooji parathavideo
suji ka paratha recipe | sooji paratha | rava paratha | semolina flat bread with step by step photo and video recipe. paratha recipes are generally made with wheat flour or plain flour or perhaps with combination of both. but this recipe is very unique and is made with rava or semolina with spices added directly to the dough. moreover it does not have any vegetable filling and made as plain paratha.
karanji recipe | karjikai recipe | kajjikayalu recipe | kayi kadubu recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. an oval shaped sweet dumpling prepared especially during festival seasons. it is known as karjikai in kannada, karanji in maharashtra, karachika in tamil nadu, kajjikayalu in andhra pradesh. while, it may have different names, but the preparation and taste remains same.
sabudana cutlet recipevideo
sabudana tikki recipe | sabudana cutlet recipe | sabudana patties with step by step photo and video recipe. basically it is prepared almost similar to sabudana vada or sago vada, however it is shaped like patties and more importantly it is pan fried. it is also an ideal snack during fasting or vrat as it nutritious and filling snack. it can be served with green chutney, tomato sauce, but tastes great without any additional condiments.
fruit chaat recipevideo
fruit chaat recipe | how to make spiced fruit chaat masala recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. chaat recipes are very common across india and can be made with myriad ingredients. generally it is made with deep fried puris, samosa or kachori's served with toppings like sev and chutneys. but this is a unique sweet and savoury chaat recipe made with choice of finely chopped fruits.
dahi wale aloo recipevideo
dahi aloo recipe | dahi wale aloo recipe | dahi aloo ki sabzi with step by step photo and video recipe. an yoghurt or curd based curry or sabzi ideal for those with special dietary requirements of no onion, no garlic and even no tomatoes. it can be easily prepared within minutes with the boiled aloo and served for lunch or dinner. more frequently dahi aloo ki sabzi is prepared during fasting season of navaratri or other festival seasons.
huli avalakkivideo
gojju avalakki recipe | huli avalakki | gojjavalakki recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. karanatka cuisine is known for it quick and easy breakfast recipes it has to offer. this can be easily seen in bangalore with its quick and not so posh upahar darshinis or sagar restaurants. gojju avalakki recipe or huli avalakki recipe is one such simple breakfast recipe prepared from crushed avalakii or poha.
sheer kormavideo
sheer khurma recipe | sheer korma | how to make sheer khurma with step by step photo and video recipe. indian desserts or sweets recipes are always synonyms to the indian festivals and celebrations. each region and community contributes several rich and creamy milk based desserts with a properly crafted ingredients. sheer khurma recipe is one such milk based desserts filled with goodness of dry fruits.
paneer butter masala without onion and garlicvideo
paneer butter masala without onion and garlic | paneer jain recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. paneer butter masala which is also known as paneer makhani is perhaps one of the popular paneer recipes in india and abroad. there are several variations to this creamy and buttery paneer recipe. one such variation is no onion no garlic paneer makhani or paneer butter masala without onion.