rava idli recipe | how to make rava idli | instant semolina idli with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian recipes are generally popular for their steamed and clean breakfast recipes. it is either dosa or idli which covers the most of the breakfast recipes offerings. one such easy and simple idli recipe is rava idli recipe which is not only tasty, but also quick and easy to make it.
sama ke chawal pulao recipe
sama ke chawal pulao recipe | sama rice pulao | farali recipe | upvas recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. navaratri festival is one such religious festival where most of the observe fasting and avoid rice, sooji, onion and garlic recipes. basically the normal day to day recipes like pulao, curries are switched to fasting by selecting the upvas ingredients. one such hugely popular north indian fasting recipe is sama rice pulao or also known as farali pulao.
farali dosa
upvas dosa recipe | falahari dosa | upvasache dose & upvas green chutney with step by step photo and video recipe. there are many fasting options and recipes for afternoon lunch and night dinner. these are generally made with sabudana or wheat which are loaded with essential nutrients during fasting. but this recipe post is dedicated to the breakfast category and made with the combination of sama rice and sabudana pearls.
upvasache thalipeeth
sabudana thalipeeth recipe | upvasache thalipeeth | farali thalipeeth with step by step photo and video recipe. thalipeeth recipes are north karnataka and western india special delicacy. it is generally made with a mixture of dry flours and is known for its health and nutrient aspect. however, you can also make it with other popular ingredients like sago pearls and sabudana thalipeeth or upvasache thalipeeth is one such variations.
verkadalai sundal
peanut sundal recipe | verkadalai sundal | groundnut sundal | nilakadalai sundal with step by step photo and video recipe. sundal recipes are very common side dish or snack from the south indian cuisine. it is generally made with pulses or cereals during the festival season which can be served as prasadam during or after the fasting session. one such simple snack sundal is peanut sundal recipe from the popular tamil cuisine.
panchamrut recipe
panchamrit recipe | panchamrut recipe | panchamruta ingredients for puja with step by step photo and video recipe. food ingredients place a major role in many of hindu traditions and festival celebrations. some time an single ingredient is offered as offering and some time a mixture of these is offered as prasadam. one such simple and easy ayurvedic recipe is panchamrit recipe or panchamrut recipe known for its medicinal benefits.
sajjige rotti
rava rotti recipe | sajjige rotti | sooji roti | semolina roti with step by step photo and video recipe. rotti recipes are very popular in north karnataka cuisine and are served primarily for breakfast and lunch. it is typically made with rice, jowar and ragi flour but can also be made with other ingredients for various purpose. one such simple and easy rotti recipe is rava rotti or semolina rotti made for morning breakfast recipes.
sabudana aloo cheela
sabudana chilla recipe | sabudana aloo cheela | sago chilla navratri special with step by step photo and video recipe. sabudana recipes are generally termed as healthy and nutrient. and hence it is the first contender whenever it is the festival season or the fasting season. there are many popular recipes derived out of it, but the new popular way to make tasty fasting recipe is sabudana chilla recipe or sago crepes.
hariyali sabudana khichdi recipe
hariyali sabudana khichdi recipe | green sabudana khichdi | spicy sago khichdi with step by step photo and video recipe. sabudana recipes are quite popular and typically it is termed with fasting recipes. there are many variants and recipes made with sabudana or tapioca which provides the necessary nutrients during fasting. one such innovative and tasty recipe is the green or hariyali sabudana khichdi with a topping of herbs.
namak mirch ka paratha
namak mirch paratha recipe | namak mirch ka paratha | namak mirchi paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. paratha recipes are the next staple food of india after the plain roti's and chaptahi. these are generally made to cut down the extra effort required to make the sides as it is stuffed with veggies. having said that, the paratha recipes have been improvised to make it with spices and namak mirch paratha is one such recipe.