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Hebbar's Kitchen is all about Indian veg recipes. This blog is managed by me Archana and my husband, Sudarshan. I try to post my recipes with simple & easily available ingredients from kitchen. These posts are usually supported by short videos and photo recipes. Learn interesting recipes and share your feedback, as your feedback means a lot to me.
pineapple upside down cake recipe
pineapple upside down cake recipe | pineapple cake recipe | upside down pineapple with step by step photo and video recipe. eggless cakes recipes are extremely popular across india due to the fact that there are many strict vegetarian followers even without use of egg yolk. it is typically made with baking soda and baking powder which helps to expand and also to hold the shape of cake recipe. one such easy and popular cake is pineapple upside down cake recipe known for its pineapple flavor and taste.
paneer potato cutlet
aloo paneer tikki recipe | paneer potato cutlet | paneer alu tikkis with step by step photo and video recipe. tikki is an popular snack from the north india and western indian cuisine and is served with wide range of sauces. typically it is made with just one hero ingredient and the most common is aloo or potatoes. but there are other fusion recipes which can be made mixing 2 hero ingredients and aloo paneer tikki recipe is one such fusion recipe.
lauki sabzi
lauki ki sabji recipe | lauki sabzi | ghiya ki sabji | bottle gourd curry with step by step photo and video recipe. north indian cuisine has myriad gravy or curries to offer which can be served for day to day lunch and dinner. generally it is made locally available vegetables, paneer and also with wide range of meat based options. one such hugely popular yet not considered as a premium curry is lauki ki sabji recipe or also known as bottle gourd curry.
carrot radish pickle
gajar mooli ka achar recipe | carrot radish pickle | mooli gajar ka mix achar with step by step photo and video recipe. pickle or achar recipe is very common across india and are made with different types vegetables. the most common veggies used are mangoes and limes which has abundant source of sourness and flavour in it. yet it can be made with other locally available vegetables and gajar mooli ka achar is one such combination from the north indian cuisine.
instant suji uttapam recipe
rava uttapam recipe | instant suji uttapam recipe | sooji uttapam with step by step photo and video recipe. uttapam recipes are the traditional dosa variety from the popular south indian morning breakfast cuisine. it is typically made with specific dosa batter or idli batter which includes batter grounding and batter fermentation. but there are some cheat version of it which is made instantly without the overnight hassle and rava uttapam recipe is one such popular variation.
kaju badam chikki
dry fruit chikki recipe | kaju badam chikki | mixed nuts chikki with step by step photo and video recipe. chikki recipes are popular nut based sweet snack from the popular south indian or western indian cuisine. the most famous or the traditional one is to make with groundnuts in a jaggery sauce, but lately there has been many variations to it and has on boarded many other nuts. one such popular variation is dry fruit chikki recipe, made with myriad choice of dry fruits.
bendekai kayirasa
bendekai gojju recipe | bendekai kayirasa | bendekayi gojju - karnataka style with step by step photo and video recipe. kayirasa is one of the popular semi thick sauce based gravy from the south indian state of karnataka. the recipe is known for it combination of taste. it has a combination of sweetness, spiciness, sourness and savoriness which makes it an ideal taste enhancer. it can be made with different vegetables and bendekai gojju recipe or okra kayirasa is one such option.
chintapandu pulihora
pulihora recipe | chintapandu pulihora | how to make andhra style tamarind rice with step by step photo and video recipe. tamarind rice is a known south indian staple food which is hugely popular across indian states. each state in south india has its own variation of preparing it, with different set of spices used in it and a different local name. one such easy and simple variation is pulihora recipe from the famous andhra cuisine.
dudhi na thepla
lauki thepla recipe | dudhi na thepla | bottle bourd paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. thepla or spiced indian flat bread recipes are very common across gujarat and also various part of indian states. the recipe is known for its simplicity and for the fact that it has all the required spices and flavour in it and hence can be consumed without any sides. one such easy and simple thepla variation is lauki thepla recipe made with bottle gourd grate.
cabbage soup recipe
cabbage soup recipe | vegetable soup with cabbage | cabbage soup diet with step by step photo and video recipe. soup recipes are not a native indian cuisine dish, but has widely accepted for its taste and appetizing feature. consequently, there have been myriad variations to the soup recipes across india with the locally grown ingredients and herbs. one such locally produced and experimented soup recipe is cabbage soup recipe, known for its health benefits.