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Hebbar's Kitchen is all about Indian veg recipes. This blog is managed by me Archana and my husband, Sudarshan. I try to post my recipes with simple & easily available ingredients from kitchen. These posts are usually supported by short videos and photo recipes. Learn interesting recipes and share your feedback, as your feedback means a lot to me.
bread dosa recipe | instant rava bread dosa | dosa using leftover bread slices with step by step photo and video recipe. dosa or idli recipes are essential breakfast recipes for most of the south indians if not to all. these were traditionally made with a combination of rice and urad dal batter and later fermented to prepare a crisp or soft crepe or pancakes. but due to the cosmopolitan and mix of cultural influence to the south indian cuisine, there are many instant dosa recipes and one popular way to make it is using leftover bread slices.
veg biriyani recipe | vegetable biryani recipe in banana leaf | veg dum biryani with step by step photo and video recipe. rice based pulao and biriyani recipes are one of the popular and versatile indian recipes. basically, it may have started with one or 2 flavours, but now there are myriad ways and types to season, wrap and flavour it. one such simple and easy variant biriyani is the vegetable biriyani recipe in banana leaf with both dum style cooking and steaming for extra flavour and taste.
macaroni kurkure recipe | crispy macaroni snack | pasta kurkure with step by step photo and video recipe. kurkure recipe is one such popular snack recipe across india since it was introduced by pepsico company. initially, it was introduced with just rice flour but it has been adapted and experimented with many other ingredients and flour. one such innovative and fusion kurkure recipe is the macaroni kurkure recipe known for its crunchiness and crispiness.
cooker pav bhaji recipe | pav bhaji in cooker | pressure cooker pav bhaji with step by step photo and video recipe. street food recipes are always one of the popular demands for most of us. there is a set of process and steps which makes it unique and obviously tasty and thus making it a popular choice. yet these street food recipes can also be tweaked and made with instant pot or pressure cooker and pressure cooker pav bhaji is one of them.
onion samosa recipe | patti samosa with samosa sheets | irani samosa with step by step photo and video recipe. deep-fried snacks are one of the popular snacks for most of us, especially with younger and urban dwellers. we often rely on the bakery or street food stalls or even restaurants to munch these snacks assuming it is difficult and complicated to prepare. but then are simpler, easier and crispier snacks recipe like patti onion samosa recipe which do not have the complexity of kneading the dough nor with stuffing.
crushed peanut chikki recipe | crush chikki | crushed shengdana chikki with step by step photo and video recipe. chikki recipes are one of the popular dessert snacks recipes across india and are one of the simple snacks to prepare. generally, it is made with whole peanuts, but can also be made with other nuts like cashew nuts, almonds and a lot of others. in addition, it can also be made by crushing the nuts and crushed peanut chikki is one such popular way of preparing a sweet dessert snack recipe.
veggie pancakes
vegetable pancake recipe | veggie pancakes | sooji nutri pancake | rava veggie roastie with step by step photo and video recipe. instant breakfast recipes are always a popular choice among urban dwellers or working couples. but the demand for such recipes have evolved from being just tasty, to healthy and prepared with easily available ingredients in most of the kitchen pantry. there are many such recipes that tick all these categories and one such popular and simple pancake recipe is the rava veggie pancakes or veggie roastie.
jackfruit biriyani recipe
jackfruit biriyani recipe | kathal biriyani | raw & tender kathal ki biryani with step by step photo and video recipe. we all know the history of biriyani and its closeness to the types of meat used to cook it. yet there are so many veg alternatives to this popular dish with different types of vegetables and vegetarian ingredients. however, there is some meat alternative biriyani too and the jackfruit biriyani recipe is one such easy and simple mutton biriyani alternative.
paneer ki bhurji gravy street style
paneer bhurji gravy recipe - dhaba style | paneer ki bhurji gravy street style with step by step photo and video recipe. paneer recipes are always a popular choice for most vegetarians. it is generally used in curries where paneer is diced into cubes or stuffed inside snacks for a creamy and spongy texture. but it can also be used in other forms and crumbled paneer or bhurji is one such popular egg alternative that would provide the same richness and creaminess without egg.
besan dosa recipe
besan dosa recipe | gram flour dosa | besan ka dosa | besan rava dosa with step by step photo and video recipe. dosa recipes have come a long way from being a recipe made with just rice and urad dal combination. these days it is made with all types of ingredients, including bread slices, different types of flour, or even different types of vegetables. one such simple and unique crisp dosa recipe is besan dosa recipe known for its crisp and thin texture and striking similarities to the rava dosa recipe.