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indian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas with step by step photos and video recipes. i have tried to post the collection of indian breakfast recipes with this page.
sabakki idliindian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas with detailed photo and video recipe. well, it is a common challenge for every housewife and even for working women to get the different breakfast ideas. to solve this problem, i have a dedicated page for all the breakfast recipes. i have tried to post all the various indian breakfast oftions with photos and videos.

indian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas

while in this post, i have tried to cover all the regions of india. however, in this page you may see a lot of south indian breakfast recipes. perhaps, because i hail from south india, and south indian breakfast has a lot of influence on me. having said that, i have tried to cover most of the other regions and variety of india. also, you may see some of the post does not contain videos. this is due to the reason, that i started video blogging very lately. but i am trying to recreate those whenever and wherever possible.

furthermore, i have various collection of instant breakfast recipes too. specifically, instant bread dosa, instant bread medu vada, instant dosa with cooked rice etc.

paneer tikka kathi rollvideo
paneer tikka roll recipe | paneer tikka kathi roll | paneer tikka frankie with step by step photo and video. the recipe begins with paneer cubes marinated in a tikka sauce with diced onions and capsicums. it is then either skewer roasted or pan grilled till the raw smell goes away. finally the assembling, the roti is spread with mint sauce or green chutney and the grilled paneer cubes are placed on top of it with a tight wrap.
palak medu vada
palak medu vada recipe, spinach medu vada recipe, keerai vadai in mixer grinder with step by step photo/video recipe. spinach medu vada is prepared similarly to urad dal medu vada or uddina vada, just that we add spinach and finely chopped onions. palak medu vada is popular breakfast recipe served with idli, sambar and chutney. spinach medu vada is shaped liked a doughnut and deep fried till it becomes golden brown.
aloo ka paratha recipevideo
aloo paratha recipe | aloo ka paratha recipe | alu paratha recipe | aalu ka paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. indian recipes deals with many flat breads which are mainly derived from wheat flour and plain flour. but then, there are certain flat breads made with spiced and boiled vegetable based stuffing. aloo paratha is one such simple and known paratha recipe for lunch and dinner.
masala bhath recipevideo
khara bath recipe | masala bhath recipe | rava masala bath with step by step photo and video recipe. rava recipes are very common across india and particularly in south india. it is generally made as breakfast recipes which generally changes as per the location and as per the taste preferences. one of the common semolina recipe is the karnataka special khara bath or also known as masala bhath spices with vangi masala rice.
adai dosa recipevideo
adai recipe | adai dosa recipe | how to make south indian adai dosai with step by step photo and video recipe. generally the combination of lentils may include an equal proportion of toor dal, channa dal, urad dal and moong dal which is soaked and grounded to thick batter. in addition the batter include jaggery and red chillies which infuse sweet and spice factor to adai dosa.
whole wheat breadvideo
wheat bread recipe | whole wheat bread | wholemeal bread or atta bread with step by step photo and video recipe. bread recipes have always been a popular dish throughout our history since the beginning of agriculture. traditionally it has been prepared with all purpose flour with activating agent like yeast baked in a conventional oven. however usage of plain flour may not match certain people with specific dietary requirements and hence to cater those wholemeal bread bread is prepared.
banana buns recipe | mangalore buns recipe | banana puri recipe with step by step photo recipe. commonly, banana buns recipe is a popular breakfast recipe and ideally served along with idli and dosa. but it also hugely popular tea time snack especially with veg sagu combination.
red sauce pasta
red sauce pasta recipe | pasta in red sauce recipe | tomato pasta recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. pasta recipes are staple food of traditional italian cuisine and is prepared with variety of sauces. out of all red sauce pasta is a popular and easy pasta recipe which is prepared from tomato sauce. similarly, i have already shared the white sauce pasta recipe which is of more creamy and cheesy pasta recipe.
instant poha mix recipevideo
instant poha recipe | instant poha mix recipe | ready to eat poha mix with step by step photo and video recipe. poha recipe is one of the favorite breakfast recipe across all over india and we all crave for this simple breakfast recipe during our vacations or holidays. this instant poha mix recipe can solve this problem which can be easily prepared in minutes by adding hot water to it.
aloo ki puri
aloo ki poori recipe | aloo ki puri recipe | masala poori recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. fundamentally, puris are deep fried indian bread, prepared with either all purpose or wheat flour. however, aloo ki poori is prepared with the combination of wheat flour and boiled mashed potatoes to form a smooth dough.