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indian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas with step by step photos and video recipes. i have tried to post the collection of indian breakfast recipes with this page.
sabakki idliindian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas with detailed photo and video recipe. well, it is a common challenge for every housewife and even for working women to get the different breakfast ideas. to solve this problem, i have a dedicated page for all the breakfast recipes. i have tried to post all the various indian breakfast oftions with photos and videos.

indian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas

while in this post, i have tried to cover all the regions of india. however, in this page you may see a lot of south indian breakfast recipes. perhaps, because i hail from south india, and south indian breakfast has a lot of influence on me. having said that, i have tried to cover most of the other regions and variety of india. also, you may see some of the post does not contain videos. this is due to the reason, that i started video blogging very lately. but i am trying to recreate those whenever and wherever possible.

furthermore, i have various collection of instant breakfast recipes too. specifically, instant bread dosa, instant bread medu vada, instant dosa with cooked rice etc.

idli manchurian
idli manchurian recipe | idly manchurian recipe | leftover idli recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. idli manchurian recipe is a popular street food recipe especially in south indian. this manchurian recipe is a mixture of chinese with an authentic south indian breakfast dish. idli manchurian recipe would give a great experience to your tongue in each bite.
sooji paratha
suji ka paratha recipe | sooji paratha | rava paratha | semolina flat bread with step by step photo and video recipe. paratha recipes are generally made with wheat flour or plain flour or perhaps with combination of both. but this recipe is very unique and is made with rava or semolina with spices added directly to the dough. moreover it does not have any vegetable filling and made as plain paratha.
tatte idli or plate idli
thatte idli recipe | tatte idli or plate idli | how to make thatte idli with step by step photo and vidoe recipe. in kannanda language thatte means plate and cooking idli on flat thin plate derives the name for this idli. these idli's are very unique to kannanda cuisine and is mainly prepared with the combination of rice, urad dal, poha and sabudana. it tastes great when served with the combination of coconut sambar and coconut chutney.
gobi ka paratha
gobi paratha recipe | gobi ka paratha | gobhi paratha recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a north indian or punjabi cusisne parantha recipe that is stuffed with flavoured grated cauliflower. the bread is prepared with whole wheat flour dough to which spiced grated gobi mixture is stuffed. moreover, there are several recipes for gobhi parantha which mainly differs in its stuffing.
bajra roti recipe
bajra roti recipe | bajre ki roti | pearl millet roti recipe | sajje rotti with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine mainly deals with flatbread recipes which are either made with grain flour or millet flours. typically the type of flour consumed entirely depends upon the demographics and its features. one such hugely popular healthy roti recipe is bajra roti or pearl millet roti known for its health benefits.
mint paratha recipe
pudina paratha recipe | mint paratha recipe | pudina lachha paratha with step by step photo and video recipe. lachha paratha recipe are always a favorite paratha recipes because of its crisp, flaky layered texture. the addition of mint flavor adds an extra topping to this paratha recipe makes it irresistible and flavorful. these pudina lachha paratha's tastes amazing when served with choice of curries like paneer curries or north indian curries recipes.
banana cake recipe
banana cake recipe | how to make easy eggless banana cake recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. generally banana cake is prepared with maida/plain flour with egg as its main ingredient for shape and texture. but cakes can also be prepared without the egg and also with wheat flour to make it more healthy. therefore these cakes can also be served for breakfast and not just limiting as dessert recipe.
baked vada pav
baked vada pav recipe | masala bun recipe | ladi pav recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally the vad apav recipe is prepared by stuffing the deep fried vada in between of a pav or bread. the vada's are prepared by coating the aloo bhaji with besan batter and then deep fried. however, in this recipe the aloo or potato bhaji is stuffed with thin the bread dough which is later baked in oven.
bread malai sandwich
veg malai sandwich recipe | bread malai sandwich | veg cream sandwich with step by step photo and video recipe. sandwich recipes are very common across india since its inception from its neighboring cuisine. typically it is made with some spicy stuffing with meat and vegetable filling. having said that it can also be made with other options and malai or cream is one such simple sandwich recipe.
moong dal kachori
kachori recipe | khasta kachori recipe | moong dal kachori recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically, khasta kachori is a spicy snack with mixture of moong dal and other lip smacking spices which is then deep fired to form a puri shape. in addition to moong dal kachori, there are several other variants like raj kachori, mava kachori and even onion kachori.