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breakfast recipes

indian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas with step by step photos and video recipes. i have tried to post the collection of indian breakfast recipes with this page.
sabakki idliindian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas with detailed photo and video recipe. well, it is a common challenge for every housewife and even for working women to get the different breakfast ideas. to solve this problem, i have a dedicated page for all the breakfast recipes. i have tried to post all the various indian breakfast oftions with photos and videos.

indian breakfast recipes | healthy breakfast recipes | easy breakfast ideas

while in this post, i have tried to cover all the regions of india. however, in this page you may see a lot of south indian breakfast recipes. perhaps, because i hail from south india, and south indian breakfast has a lot of influence on me. having said that, i have tried to cover most of the other regions and variety of india. also, you may see some of the post does not contain videos. this is due to the reason, that i started video blogging very lately. but i am trying to recreate those whenever and wherever possible.

furthermore, i have various collection of instant breakfast recipes too. specifically, instant bread dosa, instant bread medu vada, instant dosa with cooked rice etc.

appam recipe | appam recipe with yeast | appam batter recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular variety of dosa recipe which is prepared with a custom made pan known as appam chatti. it is referred with different names all over south india but the taste and preparation remains fairly consistent. it is known as aappam in tamil, appam in malayalam, kerala and gulle eriyappa in kodava or karnataka. having said that, this exotic recipe was the fusion of jewish cuisine with indian cuisine when jewish community first settled in india.
overnight oats recipevideo
oatmeal recipe | overnight oats recipe | oats recipes for weight loss with step by step photo and video recipe. an healthy and weight loss porridge which not only helps to reduce cholesterol, but also supplies all necessary multivitamins and nutrients. the good thing about oatmeal recipe is it can be prepared with various mix and match options and hence it can never be monotonous. basically all the ingredients is stacked up in a jar and refrigerated it for overnight for morning breakfast.
idiyappam recipe
idiyappam recipe | nool puttu | kerala style idiyappam with rice flour with step by step photos and video recipe. the word idiyappam is derived from mlayalam /tamil language which means steamed broken down pan cake or noodles. it is also known as shavige or noolu semige in kannada but the preparation slightly varies from this recipe. moreover this culinary staple food is typically eaten with chicken curries, fish curries or coconut cream based vegetable stew.
masala paniyaram recipevideo
masala paniyaram recipe | masala appe | instant masala kuzhi paniyaram with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian recipes are known for it instant and healthy breakfast recipes. it generally falls under the domain of idli or dosa which are made with steaming and without any oil. but there is another variation known as appe recipe, which is also known as masala paniyaram recipe.
suji ka cheela recipevideo
rava chilla recipe | suji ka cheela recipe | instant sooji chilla with step by step photo and video recipe. typically sooji ka cheela is served for early morning breakfast with choice of chutney and tomato sauces. but it is also a very good alternative for daily lunch boxes. in addition plain rava chilla can also be served during upvas or as vrat recipes.
sambar vada recipevideo
sambar vada recipe | how to make sambar vadai or vada sambar with step by step photo and video recipe. a popular hotel style sambar vada recipe prepared by combining the spiced and flavoured sambar with medu vada or urad dal vada. crisp vada is soaked lentil sambar which makes it soft and tender before serving. in addition the sambar vada is topped with finely chopped onions and coconut chutney before serving.
veg sandwich
veg sandwich recipe | easy vegetable cheese sandwich recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a common sandwich recipe prepared all over india. it is prepared with vegetable stuffings placed in between of two bread slices. furthermore, it is topped with grated cheese and grilled with butter. the very common vegetables used in such sandwich are, spinach leaves, corn, capsicum and onion.
instant thakkali dosaivideo
tomato dosa recipe | instant thakkali dosai | tomato dosai with step by step photo and video recipe. dosa has been a staple of many south indian's if not for most of the indians. it is versatile and can be made with different ingredients or with combination of lentils and vegetables. one such popular combination of dosa recipe is tomato dosa recipe made similar to any instant dosa without the dosa batter fermentation.
doodhi muthiyavideo
dudhi na muthiya recipe | doodhi muthiya | how to make lauki muthiya with step by step photo and video recipe. gujarati cuisine is known for its wide range of snacks made with myriad ingredients. generally the perception of gujarati snacks is that most of them are derived from chickpea or besan flour. but then there are other snacks made with veggies like dudhi na muthiya or bottle gourd muthiya served as evening snack.
mumbai masala toast sandwich recipevideo
masala toast recipe | mumbai masala toast sandwich recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. veg masala toast sandwich recipe is a simple sandwich recipe which can be prepared with left over potato masala recipe. the other stuffing includes slices of onion, tomatoes and capsicum rings with generous amount of green chutney. finally the sandwich is topped with nylon sev which makes it colorful and attractive.