how to make szechuan fried rice recipevideo
schezwan fried rice recipe | szechuan fried rice | how to make schezwan fried rice step by step photo and video recipe. i guess there is an assumption with many, that indo chinese recipes are generally consumed as snack or starters. however it is not true and there certain recipes which can also be served for lunch and dinner. schezwan fried rice recipe is one such yum recipe, which makes a great combo when served with manchurian recipes.
neychoru recipevideo
ghee rice recipe | neychoru recipe | nei choru | ghee bhat with step by step photo and video recipe. flavoured rice recipes are very common in india and are made for many occasions. some rice recipes are a one-pot meal which does not require any side dish, but some flavoured rice may require an additional side dish. one such famous south indian flavoured rice recipe is ghee rice recipe or neychoru made during the feast.
triple schezwan fried rice
schezwan rice recipe | triple schezwan fried rice | triple schezwan rice recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. triple rice is complete meal with combination of rice, hakka noodles and fried noodles which is served with spicy schezwan manchurian gravy. typically fried rice is prepared with sticky rice but this can also be prepared with basmati rice too.
veg tehri recipevideo
tahari recipe | veg tehri recipe | veg tehari recipe | tahiri rice recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several regional cuisines across india which deals mainly with rice and vegetables. awadhi cuisine is one such regional cuisine which has its roots in northern state of uttar pradesh mainly deals with rice and veggies. tahari recipe is one such popular rice recipe with similar attributes like pulav recipe.
raw mango ricevideo
mango rice recipe | mavinakayi chitranna | mamidikaya pulihora with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally chitranna rice recipe is prepared from leftover rice with lemon juice and other spices. lemon juice is added for the tangy taste with the addition of lemon flavour. however in this mango rice recipe, raw tangy mangoes are added in the place of lemon juice and hence the mavinakayi chitranna recipe.
veg fried rice recipevideo
veg fried rice recipe | vegetable fried rice | chinese fried rice with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine has been influenced with many overseas cuisines, which has adapted to the local taste buds. fried rice recipe is one such adapted version from the asian cuisine transformed to a popular street food recipes. it has many variations and this recipe post is dedicated to the simple and easy veg fried recipe.
coconut rice recipe | nariyal chawal | south indian coconut rice with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the most flavored rice recipe which is not only popular in south india, but also in south east asian countries. most commonly, coconut rice is mainly prepared with coconut milk in many regions. however for the sake of simplicity i have used grated coconut with cooked basmati rice.
tomato pulao recipe
tomato pulao recipe | tomato bath recipe | south indian tomato rice recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. tomato rice is a popular south indian flavourful recipe which is commonly prepared in every household. especially, tomato bath is very popular in karnataka and it is served specifically for breakfast with tomato onion raita recipe. however the same recipe is highly appreciated in andhra pradesh and tamilnadu and it is typically referred as tomato rice.
veg kofta biriyanivideo
kofta biryani recipe | veg kofta biriyani | kofte ki biryani with step by step photo and video recipe. biryani recipes have become one of the popular rice recipes across india and even globally. this has led to many flavours and variation to the authentic and traditional one with a fusion of other recipes. one such hugely popular biriyani alternative is kofta biriyani recipe where veggie balls are infused within biryani rice.
capsicum pulao recipe
capsicum rice recipe | capsicum pulao recipe | capsicum masala rice with step by step photo and video recipe. a spicy and tasty masala rice recipe which is basically prepared from sliced bell peppers and roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. this rice recipe can be easily prepared in jiffy with freshly cooked rice or even with the left over rice. aprt from lunch boxes, this crunchy pulao recipe is best suited for kitty parties and pot luck parties too.