vegetable sambar recipe | quick mixed veg sambar recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. i would project this recipe as quicker and economical version of sambar recipe. typically, vegetables and lentils are cooked separately and then mixed and boiled. with this technique and time and effort would be saved drastically.
sambar recipe | south indian sambar recipe | vegetable sambar recipe with step by step photo recipe. sambar or sambhar is a lentil based stew mixed with vegetable and tamarind juice. once the lentil soup comes to a boil, it is then mixed with spice powder known as sambar powder. also, sambar is incomplete without vegetables. while any vegetables can be added to sambar. however, drumstick is a must in any south indian sambar recipe. furthermore, the sambar soup is then tampered with the tampering agents, before serving it with rice.
gulla bolu huli
gulla bolu koddel recipe | gulla bolu huli | eggplant sambar recipe with step by step photo recipe. curries or sambars are important part of every south indian meals. twice or even thrice a week, we prepare authentic udupi sambhars / koddel.
beans huli
beans koddel | beans huli | beans sambar | udupi-mangalore style beans koddel with step by step photo recipe. beans koddel is one of the most popular sambar in south indian brahmin home. the flavours of masala are fresh and mild.
hotel sambar recipe
hotel sambar recipe | sambar dal recipe | saravana bhavan sambar with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian cuisine offers several sambar recipes which intersects for lunch/dinner and breakfast. in addition there are subtle differences between the sambar prepared in a temple feast, in house and in restaurants. this recipe post is dedicated to the hotel style, typically served in a thali like in saravana bhavan.
radish sambar
mullangi sambar recipe | radish sambar | moolangi sambar or mooli sambar with step by step photo and video recipe. sambar recipes are very common south indian staple dish prepared with either single vegetable or combination of vegetables. it is generally served as a side dish to dosa/idli or as a main course with hot steamed rice. mullangi sambar is one such recipe prepared with combination of dal and coconut masala.
pineapple gojju recipe
pineapple curry recipe | pineapple gojju recipe | ananas menaskai recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically, menaskai or gojju is a karnataka cuisine delicacy which can be either prepared from sweet/raw mango, bitter gourd and with pineapple. it is typically eaten as side dish to rice or it can also be served for dosa and idlis. it is typically prepared in a thick consistency very similar to chutney or any festive sambar recipe.
kumblakai koddel
ash gourd sambar recipe | kumblakai koddel or sambar recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. yet another simple sambar recipe prepared from the goodness of juicy ash gourd and mashed lentils or toor dal. ash gourd sambar recipe | kumblakai koddel or sambar recipe with step by step...
tomato sambar for idli & dosa
tomato sambar recipe | thakkali sambar | tomato sambar for idli & dosa with step by step photo and video. there are several varieties of tomato sambar especially in tamil cuisine which varies to each city and region of tamilnadu city. in tamil cuisine thakkali sambar is mainly served for breakfast with idli, dosa and even with pongal and upma. but it can also be extended for lunch boxes with steamed rice and curd rice.
vendakkai sambar recipe
bendekai huli | vendakkai sambar recipe | bhindi sambar | okra sambar with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several ways the sambar recipe is prepared and varies with state to state and region to region. however this sambar recipe is a typical udupi sambar recipe and is mainly prepared in festival and ceremony feast. basically it is served as one of the main sambar recipe after the rasam rice combination.