tamatar shorbavideo
tomato shorba recipe | tamatar shorba | tamatar dhania ka shorba with detailed photo and video recipe. soup recipes are generally the most underrated recipes in indian cuisine. there are many traditional and modern unique recipes but does not get the attention and visibility like other recipes. one such traditional and ancient soup recipes is tomato shorba recipe inherited from the persian cuisine.
tomato soup recipevideo
tomato soup recipe | cream of tomato soup | tomatoe soup recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. soup recipes are always a popular choice of appetizer or starter recipe, especially during the outdoor meals. it can range from a vegetable based soup to the myriad offering from the indo chinese cuisne recipes. but this recipe post deals with simple and creamy tomato soup which can be easily prepared at home.
mysore rasam
mysore rasam recipe | south indian rasam recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a lentil based soup, typically served with hot steamed rice for lunch or dinner. this rasam recipe is also served as soup for common cold problems as it is spiced with pepper. typically, rasam recipes are prepared with tamarind water, lentil and rasam powder, however this rasam recipe contains grated coconut too.
sol kadhi
sol kadhi recipe | kokum curry recipe | kokum kadhi recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a popular curry recipe from konkan and goa region eaten with rice and also sometimes served as drink after heavy meals. typically it is prepared from kokum water and coconut milk but the seasoning may vary region to region. also, some prefer to boil the mixture and season it, while others just mix it without any heat.
easy mushroom soup recipe
cream of mushroom soup recipe | easy mushroom soup recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. homemade cream of mushroom soup recipe will certainly become favorite family soup especially with the kids. while the soup can be served by itself, it also tastes great with toasted bread and topped with crushed pepper.
beetroot rasam
beetroot rasam recipe | instant beetroot rasam – no toor dal with step by step photo and video recipe. this is a instant recipe where we do not add any dal or rasam powder. this rasam goes very well with plain steamed rice or can be drunk as it is. generous amount of garlic seasoning will give a nice flavour to beetroot rasam.
vegetable manchow soup
veg manchow soup recipe | vegetable manchow soup recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. veg manchow soup is most popular indian chinese soup served in indian restaurants. vegetable manchow soup are prepared with variety of vegetables.
veg soup
hot and sour soup recipe | hot n sour soup recipe | hot & sour soup with detailed photo and video recipe. hot n sour soup originated from asian cuisine is prepared from meat stock with choice of vegetables. however in this recipe, this traditional soup is prepared from veg stock which includes, mushroom, beans, spring onions and carrots. hot & sour soup is an appetite stimulator and hence is served before meal.
maggi soupy noodle recipevideo
noodle soup recipe | maggi soupy noodle recipe | maggi soup recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. soup is generally served as appetiser in many popular cuisine, however noodle soup is served as a part of main course. perhaps it is because of the combination of noodles and liquid soup which makes it a complete food. but, this recipe is an extended version of noodles soup prepared with instant maggi noodles. 
clear soup recipe
clear soup recipe | veg clear soup recipe | clear vegetable soup recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically clear soup recipes are prepared by boiling or simmering vegetables or even meat which eventually turns to broth. in other words, it is a transparent liquid soup, prepared without any dairy products and spices except pepper and salt. the liquid prepared by boiling vegetables is served by on its own without any sides.