sooji halwa for satyanarayan poojavideo
suji ka halwa recipe | sooji halwa for satyanarayan pooja | sheera recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. the simple sooji ka halwa which is prepared for day to day use or breakfast may not involve banana slices. but is a must if suji ka halwa is prepared as offering or prasadam for satyanarayan pooja. also the quantity of ghee is comparatively more and hence can be reduced if it is not prepared as offering.
kaddu ki sabzivideo
kaddu ki sabji recipe | kaddu ki sabzi | pethe ki sabji | pumpkin sabzi with step by step photo and video recipe. north indian curry are essential dish for many indians. it is a purpose based dish which is either served as side dish with indian flat breads or perhaps with rice and dal combo. one such underrated dry indian curry recipe made with sweet pumpkin recipe is kaddu ki sabji ideal for various occasions.
clarified butter homemade ghee
ghee recipe, homemade ghee from butter recipe, clarified butter recipe with step by step photo recipe. ghee prepared from unsalted butter for indian sweets. its a instant recipe of preparing ghee from butter sticks.
sabudana papad recipevideo
sabudana papad recipe | sabakki sandige | javvarisi vadam | sago fryums with step by step photo and video recipe.indian meals are always a combination of dishes which may include rice, roti, puri, curry, sambar, rasam etc. but it is still incomplete without the accompaniment like chutney, fryums, papad and any deep fried snack. sabudana or sago based papad or also known as sandige is one such popular variety used as appetizer or snack.
sabudana cutlet recipevideo
sabudana tikki recipe | sabudana cutlet recipe | sabudana patties with step by step photo and video recipe. basically it is prepared almost similar to sabudana vada or sago vada, however it is shaped like patties and more importantly it is pan fried. it is also an ideal snack during fasting or vrat as it nutritious and filling snack. it can be served with green chutney, tomato sauce, but tastes great without any additional condiments.
batata nu shaak recipevideo
batata nu shaak recipe | bateta nu shaak | rasawala batata nu shaak with step by step photo and video recipe. curry or sabzi recipes are essential recipes for many indian households which are made with wide variations of veggies and pulses. each region and state has its own unique and traditional recipes which meets it demographics and taste buds. batata nu shaak recipe is one such easy curry from the gujarati cuisine made with potatoes or batata.
lauki ka halwa recipevideo
lauki ka halwa recipe | dudhi halwa recipe | loki ka halwa with step by step photo and video recipe. botte gourd recipes are very common during the festival seasons and is heavily prepared during navaratri fasting or for during any vrat season. loki ka halwa is one such common dessert recipe prepared with 2 purpose. obliviously it is a classic desert for any festival, but also high in nutrition and fibre and hence ideal for fasting.
mix dal vada recipevideo
dal vada recipe | mix dal vada recipe | dalwada recipe | parippu vada with step by step photo and video recipe. vada recipe is very common across south india and is made for various reasons. there are different types of vada made with lentils, which differs with its shape, texture and crisp level. one such variation to this vada variety is the mied dal vada known for its crisp, and savory taste combination.
vegetable stew recipevideo
vegetable stew recipe | veg stew | how to make kerala style vegetable stew with step by step photo and video recipe. kerala cuisine is famous for it coastal and sea food recipes which are predominately prepared with coconut flavor. the recipes are generally prepared with freshly grated coconut masala or with coconut milk. one such popular creamy kerala style curry is vegetable stew with choice veggies.
fafda gathiya recipevideo
fafda recipe | fafda gathiya recipe | how to make gujarati fafda with step by step photo and video recipe. snack or farsan is very important part of gujarati cuisine or gujarati snacks. farsan is a broad category of snacks specifically prepared from besan in which fafda recipe is highly popular. more commonly the snacks are prepared on special occasions or festivals specifically to please the guests, and also enjoyed as evening time snack with tea.