5 things you are doing wrong in the kitchen and how to correct it


5 things you are doing wrong in the kitchen and how to correct it in your kitchen. there could be several basic things about your kitchen which you learnt from your mom / parents and can be potentially doing it wrong all these years. so why not we change it and make it better? trust me these simple tips, do’s and don’t would bring a lot change to kitchen in a good way.
5 things wrong kitchen5 things you are doing wrong in the kitchen and how to correct it. as chef gusteau of ratatouille said “anyone can cook” which is so very true! so, if you’re on your cooking journey, learning your way around a kitchen do read these five mistakes most cooks make. nip them in the bud, so that you cook delicious healthy food – always.

top 5 things doing wrong in the kitchen:

using the wrong oil

5 things wrong kitchenif you thought you could just pour any kind of oil or fat into the pan and it would still result in a tasty dish – you thought wrong. while virgin olive oil is a healthy vegetable oil for salads and dressings, using it for frying or sautéing does more harm than good. similarly using mustard oil or coconut oil in a dish that calls for oil – will give you favors which will be way off the recipe.

washing your iron cast pan or tawa with soap

5 things wrong kitchenthis is something most indians would be guilty of. since in most houses maids do the washing of the utensils iron pots and pans get scrubbed with soap and water. this is a mistake because the soap strips the seasoning on the iron pan and makes it rust. check out how to clean and maintain cast iron tawa.

not washing your fruits and vegetables well enough

5 things wrong kitchenevery lazy cook has shirked off washing vegetable or just dunked them in for a second to satisfy their inner guilt. with the amount of pesticides and insecticides being used to grow crops, it is wiser to thoroughly wash all the fruits and vegetables in either warm water or in salty water. switching to organic fruits and vegetables will also be good for your health, if your budget permits.

storing tomatoes in the fridge

5 things wrong kitchenwhile onions and potatoes are rightly stored outside in most homes, many people tend to store tomatoes in the fridge for longevity. tomatoes tend to lose their flavor when stored in the fridge, so best avoid.

using a stainless steel spatula on a non stick pan

5 things wrong kitchenwhen in a hurry, many people tend to pick up any spatula on their counter and happily begin using it on non stick and ceramic pans. while teflon non stick pans are extremely unhealthy in their own right, using a steel spatula while sautéing causes the teflon coating to chip off and mix into your food. this is highly toxic and should be avoided at all cost.

have fun!

did you know these things were wrong when it comes to cooking? were you aware of ways on how to make your kitchen healthier and more natural? what do you do differently to make your cooking healthier for your family?



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