aloo gobi curry
aloo gobi masala recipe | how to make aloo gobi curry - restaurant style with step by step by step photo and video recipe. basically a gravy recipe with diced potatoes and cauliflower prepared with onion, tomato and cashew curry paste. it is also spiced with whole spices like cinnamon, bay leaf and spice powders like coriander and turmeric powder.
gutti vankaya curry recipe
gutti vankaya curry recipe | stuffed brinjal curry | gutti vankaya kura or koora with step by step photo and video recipe. curry or gravy recipes are staple food for most of the indian households. these gravies or curries are made with different purpose with myriad choice of locally grown native veggies. one such such hugely popular spicy and creamy peanut based gravy is the gutti vankaya curry known for its spice level.
white veg kurma saravana bhavana style
white kurma recipe | white veg kurma | white kuruma with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian gravies or curries mainly circle around the usage of coconut or coconut cream. it is widely used to make both spicy and creamy sauce based curry. typically it is served with choice of layered parotta, but can also be served with choice of rice. one such easy and simple creamy curry is white kurma known for its flavour.
methi malai paneer
methi malai paneer recipe | methi paneer recipe | paneer methi malai recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. this creamy paneer dish makes phenomenal side dish for indian flat bread or roti or chapathi. typically it is prepared with fresh methi leaves, but certainly can be prepared from frozen leaves too.
potato masala for poori
poori masala recipe | potato masala for poori | how to make poori masala with step by step photo and video recipe. indian recipes deals with many purpose based dishes which are made as pair and served together. typically it is either rice or curry or perhaps bread or a sabji recipe. one such simple recipe is a thick mushy poori masala recipe served with deep fried poori's.
masrum ki sabji
mushroom ki sabji recipe | masrum ki sabji | dry mushroom sabzi recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. there are myriad ways and variations with a typical curry or sabji recipe for roti and chapathi. one such popular day to day variety is dry sabji recipe which can be prepared with choice of vegetables and pulses. dry mushroom ki sabji recipe is one such popular variation, prepared within minutes for lunch or dinner.
alu methi recipe
aloo methi recipe | alu methi recipe | how to make dry aloo methi curry with step by step photo and video recipe. aloo or potatoes based curries are quite popular across india and can be seen heavily used in both south and north. it can be used as hero ingredient with a curry base, or perhaps as side ingredient with other vegetables. aloo methi is one such potato based dry variant curry mainly used for roti & chapathi.
kashmiri dum aloo recipe
kashmiri dum aloo recipe | how to make authentic kashmiri dum aloo recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indian curries are famous for its combination of spice and flavors which typically contains a hero vegetables. potato is one such popular hero vegetable and myriad curries are prepared from it. kashmiri dum aloo recipe is one such baby potato based recipe from the popular kashmiri cuisine.
vegetable kurma
veg kurma recipe | vegetable kurma | veg korma | vegetable korma with step by step photo and video recipe. kurma or korma is very generic term used not just in india but in most of sub continent countries. each region and demography has its own variation and the way the kurma recipe is made. in south india, the mix veg kurma is made with grounded coconut masala which is then typically served with parotta, chapathi or roti.
sev tameta nu shaak
sev tameta nu shaak recipe | sev tamatar ki sabzi gujarati recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. this recipe is coming straight from the gujarati cuisine without onion, garlic and ginger.