aloo matar recipevideo
aloo matar recipe | aloo mutter recipe | alu matar recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe steps for aloo mutter recipe is very basic and simple. it is basically prepared with simple onion and tomato based sauce and tempered with dried fenugreek leaves or methi leaves with cumin seeds. the tempering of fenugreek leaves gives a new flavour and dimensions as compared to other traditional punjabi curries.
saag recipevideo
sarson ka saag recipe | saag recipe | how to make sarson da saag with step by step photo and video recipe. generally when it comes to north indian or particularly punjabi curries, it is made with onion and tomato base. but then there are other recipes which are made with blending leafy vegetables to thick puree. sarson ka saag recipe is one such simple and easy gravy recipe made with mustard leaves for roti or chapathi.
matar mushroom recipevideo
matar mushroom recipe | mutter mushroom recipe | mushroom mutter masala with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe for mushroom matar curry is extremely simple and is prepared by sautéing boiled gren peas and tossed mushroom in a creamy, spicy and tangy tomato and onion based sauce. there are several ways this recipe can be prepared but i have tried to show it in a simple way by blending the sautéed onion and tomatoes into a fine paste. in short the recipe is very similar to the popular matar paneer recipe with paneer replaced by mushrooms.
dal tadka
dal tadka recipe | restaurant style dal tadka with step by step photo and video recipe. dal tadka is prepared with toor dal and blended with onion, tomato flavours. we use ghee and spices generously to get the restaurant touch.
kashmiri dum aloo recipevideo
kashmiri dum aloo recipe | how to make authentic kashmiri dum aloo recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indian curries are famous for its combination of spice and flavors which typically contains a hero vegetables. potato is one such popular hero vegetable and myriad curries are prepared from it. kashmiri dum aloo recipe is one such baby potato based recipe from the popular kashmiri cuisine.
kathirikai puli kulambuvideo
ennai kathirikai recipe | kathirikai puli kulambu | brinjal curry south indian with step by step photo and video recipe. there myriad recipes and curries prepared from the tender eggplants which are popular across india. each region has its own variation which mainly differs with the stuffing and way the brinjal curry is prepared. ennai kathirikai recipe is one such simple stuffed gravy from the tamil cuisine.
paneer kofta curryvideo
paneer kofta recipe | paneer kofta curry | stuffed paneer kofta masala with step by step photo and video recipe. like any other traditional curry recipe, paneer kofta curry recipe too has the same tomato and onion base with cashew's and fresh cream. however these tender and soft deep fried paneer kofta makes it unique and irresistible curry recipe.
lobia masalavideo
lobia recipe | lobia masala | black eyed peas recipe | rongi recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps, there are many indian curries or sabzi recipes, which is much appreciated but you may not find in any indian restaurant menu. one such recipe is black eyed peas recipe and is generally made for roti and chapathi. it can be made both as dry and gravy variant, but this post dedicated to gravy version.
cabbage thoranvideo
cabbage poriyal | cabbage thoran | cabbage palya | cabbage stir fry with detailed photo and video recipe. easy and tasty cabbage stir fry recipe or also known as kosu palya or kosina palya, is typically eaten as side dish to rasam rice or sambar rice combination. alternatively, it...
how to make restaurant style paneer jalfrezivideo
paneer jalfrezi recipe | how to make restaurant style paneer jalfrezi with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally the jalfrezi recipes were prepared from the leftover vegetables or paneer or even meat with chilli and onion. the name jalfrezi has been derived from 2 bengali words jhālpharezī which means literally means spicy food. it can be either consumed with roti or chapathi's for lunch or dinner.