hyderabadi paneer masala
paneer hyderabadi recipe | hyderabadi paneer masala | paneer hyderabadi masala with step by step photo and video recipe. hyderabadi dishes are known for its flavour and a unique green coloured textured. this is either made with the use of mint leaves like in biryani or with the combination of green veggies like spinach and coriander. one such simple and easy spinach based green coloured dish is the paneer hyderabadi recipe.
green papaya salad recipe
papaya recipes | green papaya salad recipe | papaya curry | papaya chips with step by step photo and video recipe. most of us these days, crave for cheese-based recipes like pizza or burger and often ignore the healthy recipes that come from our backyard. these are not only healthy recipes but also come out very tasty. one such simple and nutritional set of recipes are derived from green or raw papaya.
bharwa baingan recipe | stuffed baingan ki sabji | stuffed eggplant curry with a detailed photo and video recipe. stuffed eggplant based recipes are very common across india and are made with different types of stuffing and also eggplant. it is mainly served for roti, chapati, or different types of naan, but the dry variant can also be served to rice variants. one such easy and multipurpose eggplant based recipe is bharwa baingan recipe, known for its spicy masala taste.
cabbage sabzi recipe
cabbage sabzi recipe | cabbage curry | cabbage ki sabzi north indian style with step by step photo and video recipe. north indian cuisine is famous for its gravy based curries or sabzi which is typically served with chapathi or naan breads. but if you desire something less fancy without any gravy base than cabbage sabzi recipe is ideal recipe. it not only tastes great with indian breads but also with hot steamed rice too.
bendekai kayirasa
bendekai gojju recipe | bendekai kayirasa | bendekayi gojju - karnataka style with step by step photo and video recipe. kayirasa is one of the popular semi thick sauce based gravy from the south indian state of karnataka. the recipe is known for it combination of taste. it has a combination of sweetness, spiciness, sourness and savoriness which makes it an ideal taste enhancer. it can be made with different vegetables and bendekai gojju recipe or okra kayirasa is one such option.
batata nu shaak recipe
batata nu shaak recipe | bateta nu shaak | rasawala batata nu shaak with step by step photo and video recipe. curry or sabzi recipes are essential recipes for many indian households which are made with wide variations of veggies and pulses. each region and state has its own unique and traditional recipes which meets it demographics and taste buds. batata nu shaak recipe is one such easy curry from the gujarati cuisine made with potatoes or batata.
kaju paneer curry
kaju paneer masala recipe | kaju paneer curry | paneer cashew curry with step by step photo and video recipe. north idnian curries or gravies are known for its rich and creamy texture and flavour it has to offer. generally it is made with tomato and onion sauce with cooking cream for extra creaminess. however there are other ways to make a curry creamy and kaju paneer masala recipe is one such recipe.
malai kofta curry
malai kofta recipe | malai kofta curry | creamy kofta balls curry with step by step photo and video recipe. malai or cooking cream is use heavily in many indian or particularly in the punjabi curries. in most of them it is either topped at the end of cooking or during the serving or presenting the curry. however some curries predominantly based out of malai and malai kofta recipe or creamy kofta balls curry is one such mild and creamy curry.
aloo baigan ki sabji
aloo baingan recipe | aloo baigan ki sabji | potato brinjal curry with step by step photo and video recipe. typically indian curry or sabji's are mainly made with one vegetable as its hero ingredient. but there are few recipes which are made as a combination of vegetables which lead to unique flavour. one such easy and quick semi-dry curry is aloo baingan masala recipe with diced potatoes and brinjal.
kaddu ki sabzi
kaddu ki sabji recipe | kaddu ki sabzi | pethe ki sabji | pumpkin sabzi with step by step photo and video recipe. north indian curry are essential dish for many indians. it is a purpose based dish which is either served as side dish with indian flat breads or perhaps with rice and dal combo. one such underrated dry indian curry recipe made with sweet pumpkin recipe is kaddu ki sabji ideal for various occasions.