paneer kathi roll
paneer frankie recipe | paneer kathi roll | paneer frankie roll with step by step photo and video recipe. kathi roll or frankie recipes are popular street food snack across india. it is made generally with combination of egg yolk with spiced meat stuffing, wrapped in a wrap bread. but for the non meat eaters, vegetarian rolls are made and paneer frankie recipe is one such popular alternatives among the veg frankie recipes.
sev tameta nu shaak
sev tameta nu shaak recipe | sev tamatar ki sabzi gujarati recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. this recipe is coming straight from the gujarati cuisine without onion, garlic and ginger.
jhal muri masala recipe
jhal muri recipe | jhal muri masala recipe | jhalmuri or jhaal muri with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several recipes prepared from murmura or puffed rice but generally belong to street food snacks. one such popular recipe hails from kolkata street is the jhal muri recipe or jhal muri masala. one may confuse it with bhel puri from mumbai streets but is unique and native to bengali cuisine.
potato nuggets recipe
potato nuggets recipe | spicy potato nuggets | potato snacks recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. nuggets are popular snacks recipe served in many fast food chain today but the original recipe was chicken McNuggets started by McDonald's. it was a huge hit and hence later the recipe was adopted by many food chains with varieties of ingredients. spicy potato nuggets are one such adaptation and are huge success in india.
bombay veg sandwich
bombay veg sandwich recipe | veggie sandwich recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. veggie sandwich is a popular street food of bombay, which is mainly served with boiled potatoes and other vegetables. in addition, these sandwich also contains mumbai sanwich masala and mumbai sandwich chutney. probably, mumbai veg sandwich was hugely popularised by the street road vendors, however today it is served in posh restaurants too.
bread 65 recipe | spicy bread 65 recipe - restaurant style with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally, this recipe is prepared with either gobi or paneer. bread 65 recipe follows the same recipe as gobi or paneer 65. however, instead of paneer or gobi i have used bread slices. this recipe comes very handy if you have some leftover bread slices in your kitchen and you do not wish to prepare sandwich out of it.
chinese bhel recipe
chinese bhel recipe | crispy noodle salad | how to make chinese bhel with step by step photo and video recipe. mumbai street food is popular for its street food snacks it has to offer to its urbanite. being a cosmopolitan city, it has to offer wide range of street food to satisfy its wide range of hungry and craving demographics. one such fusion street food is chinese bhel recipe with blending of 2 cuisines.
bread vada recipe
bread vada recipe | bread palak vada recipe | palak bread vada with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe for bread vada is very simple with the minimal ingredients easily available in your kitchen. basically you would need curd/yoghurt, semolina/rava, rice flour and crumbled bread slices. in addition i have also added finely chopped palak leaves, which brings health quotient to this recipe.
corn cheese balls recipe | veg cheese balls recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. veg cheese balls are deep fried fritters prepared with corn, potato and cheese. in other words, a dough is prepared by mixing mozzarella cheese with boiled potato and sweet corn. once a dough is...
cheesy bread roll
cheesy bread roll recipe | veg stuffed bread roll recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. bread rolls are one of the popular bread snack recipes. the crispy golden bread stuffed with potato (aloo) and cheese with some spices makes more tasty yummy.