cheesy sandwich dosa
cheesy sandwich dosa recipe | sandwich uttapam recipe is a tasty snack, you can make it and have for breakfast or for tea time when you feel a little hungry. it is a very good tasty and nutritious choice to pack for your child's tiffin box.
how to make samosa matar chaat recipe
samosa chaat recipe | how to make samosa matar chaat recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. chaat recipes are very common across india and are made with different locally available snacks. but then there are couple os chaat recipes which are common across india and has a huge fan base to it. one such popular chaat recipe is samosa chaat which can be made with any left over samosa or perhaps with freshly deep fried ones.
dry bhel puri recipe
sukha bhel recipe | dry bhel puri recipe | sukka bhel puri with step by step photo and video recipe. bhel or puffed rice is a common source of many indian street food recipes. across india it is made as different types of snacks with a subtle difference in its ingredients and the way it is made and served. one such variation to the popular bhel puri is the sukka bhel or dry bhel puri recipe known for its flavour and taste.
vegetarian burger
veggie burger recipe | vegetarian burger | veg cheese burger with step by step photo and video recipe. burger or sandwich recipes have been ultra popular especially in urban indian cities. even though the burger and sandwich recipes are popularly served as snack by many fast food vendor, but also gaining popularity for breakfast and lunch. one such simple and healthy burger recipe is the veggie burger recipe made with veggie patties.
tandoori momos recipe | how to make tandoori momo in pan with step by step photo and video recipe. generally the nepali cusine momos are served with spicy tomato based red chutney as it side dish. but in this recipe momos are dipped in a spicy yoghurt based tandoori marinade which is later baked or fried in oven or pan respectively. this makes it a unique fusion recipe and can be served as it is without any side dish to it.
cheesy stuffed mushroom
cheesy stuffed mushroom recipe | stuffed mushroom recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. these stuffed mushrooms are ideal for house party and kitty party and certainly you would surprise your guests with each bite. this can be delicious evening snack for your family too. alternatively you can also add choice of your vegetables like mashed peas, beans etc. but do not forget to add cheese to your stuffing which adds the cheesy taste to this stuffed mushroom recipe.
veg cheese frankie
veg frankie roll recipe | veg cheese frankie | veg cheese kathi roll with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally the kathi roll recipe originated from kolkatta west bengal, where the skewer roasted meat kebabs were wrapped with paratha and served. gradually this popular street fast food wrap recipe spread through out india with several variants. one such variant is veg cheese frankie recipe with hint of peri peri sauce and eggless mayo.
potato nuggets recipe
potato nuggets recipe | spicy potato nuggets | potato snacks recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. nuggets are popular snacks recipe served in many fast food chain today but the original recipe was chicken McNuggets started by McDonald's. it was a huge hit and hence later the recipe was adopted by many food chains with varieties of ingredients. spicy potato nuggets are one such adaptation and are huge success in india.
sev tameta nu shaak
sev tameta nu shaak recipe | sev tamatar ki sabzi gujarati recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. this recipe is coming straight from the gujarati cuisine without onion, garlic and ginger.
maggi masala noodles
maggi noodles recipe | maggi masala noodles | maggi recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the most popular and widely accepted noodles recipe in india with dry spices and maggi taste maker. indian maggi noodles is not just liked by the kids, but the fan following varies to bachelors, working couple and even adult parents. typically it is enjoyed for the late morning breakfast, but can also be eaten for lunch and dinner too.