pasta salad recipe
pasta salad recipe | macaroni salad | how to make pasta salad with step by step photo and video recipe. salad recipes are typically light, healthy and tasty recipes which are consumed for its health benefits. typically it is either a combination of sliced raw vegetables and cereals with salad dressing. but this recipe dedicates to italian pasta salad made with penne pasta and salad dressing.
fruit chaat recipe
fruit chaat recipe | how to make spiced fruit chaat masala recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. chaat recipes are very common across india and can be made with myriad ingredients. generally it is made with deep fried puris, samosa or kachori's served with toppings like sev and chutneys. but this is a unique sweet and savoury chaat recipe made with choice of finely chopped fruits.
hesaru bele carrot kosambari
moong dal carrot salad | hesaru bele carrot kosambari recipe is a typical indian salad. it is obviously very simple to prepare, more importantly a very healthy dish. this salad is often served with rice or as a side dish or can be taken as such.
how to make moong bean sprout salad - weight loss
sprout salad recipe | moong bean sprout salad | mixed sprouts salad with step by step photo and video recipe. salad recipes are generally served for purpose which is either weight loss or with dietary requirements. obviously these recipes are not a popular choice and are consumed with an intention. however there are some salad recipes which are pure fun to consume and moong bean sprout salad recipe and is tasty and healthy.
boiled peanut chaat salad
peanut chaat recipe | boiled peanut chaat salad | groundnut chat with step by step photo and video recipe. chaat or salad recipe is a common snack across india and is served for different purpose. it is generally made with deep fried snacks and spicy sauce exploding with flavors. but then there are few healthy chaat recipe and boiled peanut chaat salad is one such recipe which can be served as both snack and salad.
boondi raita recipe
boondi raita recipe | boondi ka raita | raita boondi | dahi boondi with step by step photo and video recipe. raita recipes are very basic and common recipe and perhaps one of the underrated recipe in indian cuisine. it can be made with different ingredients with yoghurt or curd as its main ingredient. boondi raita is one such popular yoghurt based dip made with deep fried and soaked boondi pearls.
fresh fruit cocktails for summer
fruit cocktail recipe | fresh fruit cocktails for summer | fruit salad with step by step photo and video recipe. cocktail recipes are generally made with mix of beverages including alcohol. but it can be made with different ingredients like fruits, drinks, beverages and also with ice creams. one such variation recipe is fruit cocktail which is basically made with combination of various tropical fruits and creamy yoghurt.
fruit salad recipe
fruit salad recipe | fruit salad with ice cream | fruit salad dressing with step by step photo and video recipe. there are number of fruit salad recipes followed all over the globe which mainly differs with the choice of fruits or sauce used in it. moreover the basic fruit salad recipe is made with just chopped choice of fruits without any toppings. however in this recipe, banana smoothie is used as based with vanilla ice cream toppings.
chinese bhel recipe
chinese bhel recipe | crispy noodle salad | how to make chinese bhel with step by step photo and video recipe. mumbai street food is popular for its street food snacks it has to offer to its urbanite. being a cosmopolitan city, it has to offer wide range of street food to satisfy its wide range of hungry and craving demographics. one such fusion street food is chinese bhel recipe with blending of 2 cuisines.
sweet corn salad
corn salad recipe | sweet corn salad | corn kosambari recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a healthy, simple and tasty salad recipe prepared from fresh sweet corn kernels and mixing it up with other veggies and spices. it is often served as a side dish in meal...