how to maintain and clean silver, copper and bronze vessels


how to maintain and clean silver, copper and bronze vessels with photos. silver and copper are the metal with its own characteristics. silver, a metal which has a greatest value and also precious, compared to other metals.
maintenance and cleaning of silver & copper vesselssilver pooja articles are considered as traditional and auspicious especially in hindu culture. i have mentioned 5 major tips to maintain and clean the silver vessels in this article. silver is called as ‘chaandi’ in hindi and marathi, ‘belli’ in kannada, ‘chandina’ in gujarati, ‘velli’ in tamil and malayalam, ‘vendi’ in telugu. silver is used by the people all over the world.

copper is also a metal like silver which is reddish brown in color. they are flexible, and also soft, there by capable of being bent or shaped without breaking. hence, they are used as conductor of heat and electricity. copper is used in the preparation of jewelry ornaments, coins, utensils / vessels and also metal alloys.

maintenance and cleaning of silver & copper vesselslike silver, copper vessels are also considered as auspicious and used by hindu people as pooja articles. i have mentioned 5 major tips to clean and maintain copper vessels. copper is called as ‘taamba’ in hindi, ‘tambe’ in marathi, ‘thaamra’ in kannada, ‘cempu’ in tamil, ‘ragi’ in telugu and ‘cemp’ in malayalam.

silver is not only used in making coins, ornaments, utensils but also for medicinal purposes. due to its antiviral and antibiotic properties, wearing a silver ornament heals wounds, prevents flu and also sinus infections.

5 tips to maintain the silver articles:

  1. firstly, adding camphor (karpura) pieces to the box of silver utensils / ornaments prevents stain.
  2. also, avoid washing silver vessels in chlorine water.
  3. always after washing vessels, wipe from the cloth and dry, there by prevents stain.
  4. additionally, to prevent stains / marks, wrap silver ornaments in tissue paper or blaze cloth.
  5. furthermore, never allow silver in touch with rubber materials like rubber band.
  6. finally, silver vessels shine by washing with ash or milk mixed with the water.

5 tips to clean the silver articles:

  1. firstly, always wash silver ornaments / utensils in hot water after the use.
  2. also, use boiled potato water to wash silver vessels / ornaments.
  3. additionally, washing silver vessels with toothpaste, gives good polish to it.
  4. furthermore, soak silver ornaments in boiled water with washing soda and small piece of aluminium in it.
  5.  finally, to remove egg stains from silver, brush with salt.

5 tips to maintain the copper articles:

  1. firstly, wash and dry the copper vessels after use.
  2. also, washing copper vessels with pitambari, tamarind and ash gives a bright colour.
  3. additionally, don’t over heat copper vessels as they might stick to bottom.
  4. furthermore, never use harsh chemicals to clean copper vessels.
  5. finally, never soak copper vessels in water for long period of time as they might get rust.

5 tips to clean the copper articles:

  1. firstly, wash copper vessels with half lemon and salt to remove rust.
  2. also, copper vessels shine by washing with orange, ash and also salt.
  3. additionally, apply the paste of 1 tsp salt, 1 cup vinegar, and flour to copper utensils, leave for about half an hour and wash.
  4. furthermore, if the copper vessels stick to bottom, wash it with water and dry it under sun.
  5. finally, rub lime juice with salt, wash with hot water, wipe with soft cloth and also dry it.



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