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Hebbar's Kitchen is all about Indian veg recipes. This blog is managed by me Archana and my husband, Sudarshan. I try to post my recipes with simple & easily available ingredients from kitchen. These posts are usually supported by short videos and photo recipes. Learn interesting recipes and share your feedback, as your feedback means a lot to me.
malabar biriyani recipe
malabar biriyani recipe | how to make malabar biryani | malabar dum biriyani with step by step photo and video recipe. biriyani recipe is known for its spice and flavor, which can be prepared in many ways. one such south indian way of preparing a biriyani recipe is malabar biriyani, and is unique with the selection of rice. this recipe post is dedicated to it and is very inspired from malabar chicken biryani.
palak dal khichdi
palak khichdi recipe | palak dal khichdi | how to make palak khichdi with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine deals with many traditional recipes which has evolved with many variations to the authentic one. khichdi is one such recipe which are mainly prepared if you are in a mood to have something light. palak khichdi is an upgraded version to it which has all the benefits of khichdi with nutrients from spinach.
soya cutlet
soya chunks cutlet recipe or cutlet with soya chunks recipe, an easy cutlet recipe using soya chunks and potatoes. it packs in quite a textured and delicious punch with the addition of soya, potato, onion and ginger.
cabbage kootu recipe
cabbage kootu recipe | cabbage dal recipe | muttaikose kootu with step by step photo and video recipe. kootu recipes are very common in south indian cuisine and is basically a south indian version of dal recipe. there are several variations to the kootu recipe and is often prepared by mixing it with choice of veggies and moong dal. typically it has thick texture and is mainly served as a side dish to sambar rice or rasam rice combination.
tomato pickle recipe
tomato pickle recipe | tomato pachadi recipe | tomato achar recipe or andhra tomato pickle recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a cooked tomato concentrate, spiced with pickle spices, specifically used as a condiment to enhance taste and staple. the most common spices used in tomato pickle recipe is asafoetida, red chili powder, turmeric, and fenugreek with the sourness of ripe tomatoes.
alu paneer masala
aloo paneer recipe | alu paneer masala | potato paneer curry with step by step photo and video recipe. paneer or aloo based north indian gravies are very common across india. both aloo and paneer takes the center stage in their respective curries with other vegetables as supporting ingredients. but this recipe of aloo paneer recipe is unique where both takes the center stage making it a classic potato and cheese based curry.
milagu rasam recipe
pepper rasam recipe | milagu rasam recipe | menasina saaru with detailed photo and video recipe. a spicy, healthy and tasty liquid rasam recipe from southern states of india which is typically eaten with hot steamed rice. it is also served as a medicine for instant relief during common...
moru kachiyathu
moru curry recipe | moru kachiyathu | moru charu | spiced buttermilk curry with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian recipes mainly deal with curry recipes targeting mainly as a side dish to rice. it primarily includes sambar recipes or rasam recipes which take major percentage out of it. but there are other type of curries made with yoghurt and one such curry is moru curry recipe.
chilli mushroom dry
chilli mushroom recipe | chilli mushroom dry | mushroom chilli recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indo chinese recipes are always easy to prepare with lot many flavors to offer. chilli recipes are one such sub division where a key ingredient is stir fired and tossed capsicum and chilli based sauce. in this recipe i have used deep fried mushroom as the key ingredient with spicy sauce coated on a crisp mushroom.
dry fruit barfi recipe
dry fruit barfi recipe | dry fruit burfi recipe | sugar free dry fruit barfi with step by step photo and video recipe. indian sweets recipes are popular and made on several indian festival and celebrations. but most of them are made with huge amounts of sugar or jaggery, and hence may raise eyebrows for diet watchers. dry fruit barfi recipe is the perfect answer for those which does not have any extra sugar added and thus making a healthy sweet.