eggless chocolate cake
eggless chocolate cake recipe | eggless cake recipe | basic chocolate cake recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. a moist and spongy chocolate cake recipe with cream chocolaty frosting. this cake can be easily served during ceremonial occasions like birthday, weddings and anniversary.
banana bread recipe
banana bread recipe | eggless banana bread recipe | vegan banana bread recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. simple and tasty variation to normal bread recipe with added banana and walnut flavour. this banana bread recipe is prepared by mixing equal proportions of wheat and all purpose flour, hence it is not a gluten free bread recipe. it can also be prepared with just wheat but combination of both tastes great.
mug cake
mug cake recipes | microwave cake recipe | eggless brownie & red velvet cake with step by step photo and video recipe. basically mug cakes are homemade cake which uses all the ingredients which goes to a normal cake but in a small quantity. the best part of these mug cakes are, that it can be prepared in minutes in a microwave as a quick dessert for any occasion.
oreo cheesecake recipe
oreo cake recipe | oreo cheesecake recipe | no bake cheesecake recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. cheesecake are typically sweetened with sugar and whipped cream, however this recipe is prepared with condensed milk and cream cheese. the topping or icing can be done with any flavoured whipped cream, but chocolate icing is used for this recipe.
easy eggless black forest cake recipe
black forest cake recipe | easy eggless black forest cake recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one the most popular cake recipe and often termed as the king of all cake recipes. there are several variations and flavours to black forest cake recipe but it is usually prepared by sandwiching the chocolate sponge cake.
dilpasand recipe | dilkush recipe | bakery style dil pasand sweet with step by step photo and video recipe. these days bakery in india, has to offer myriad variations of snacks which include both sweet and savory. one such common and popular dish is dilkush which is generally consumed as snack and not as a dessert. it is simple dish and combination of tutti fruity with dry coconut makes it a lip smacking snack.
chocolate mug cake
chocolate mug cake | 2 minute eggless chocolate mug cake recipe with step by step photo and video recipes. instant eggless chocolate mug cake for those who have craving for cakes. this is a perfect recipe for those who are looking for spongy, moist and yet delicious chocolate cake. satisfy your chocolate craving in just 2 minutes.
banana and chocolate cake
chocolate banana cake recipe | banana and chocolate cake | banana chocolate chip cake with step by step photo and video recipe. cake recipes are a common choice during the month of december. these are generally made for the celebrations and shared with friends and family which can be made with and without egg. one such simple and easy cake recipe is chocolate banana cake recipe known for its moistness and chocolaty flavour.
butter cake recipe
vanilla cake recipe | butter cake recipe | eggless vanilla cake or plain cake with step by step photo and video recipe. typically butter cake or plain vanilla cake is prepared using egg white and then mixed with plain flour later to be baked. however this recipe does not contain any egg and is a eggless cake recipe. this cake recipe is ideal for ceremonial occasions, such as weddings and birthdays and can be frosted with either chocolate or vanilla frosting.
easy chocolate cupcake recipe
chocolate cup cake recipe | easy chocolate cupcake recipe | birthday cupcakes with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several ways cakes are prepared which is mainly differentiated with the flavors and ingredients added to it. one such variation is chocolate cake which is prepared in a mini version as cupcakes. this recipe has a basic chocolate frosting or icing which makes it more attractive and presentable.