matar chaat recipe
ragda chaat recipe | matar chaat recipe | how to make ragda chaat with step by step photo and video recipe. chaat recipes are quite essential evening snacks recipes, especially in cosmopolitan and urban cities. it can be made with myriad ingredients and deep fried snacks, but almost all snacks require a topping of ragda to make it lip smacking snack. but ragda can be used as a main ingredient with toppings like sev and veggies to make an simple and tasty matar chaat recipe.
baby corn manchurian dry
baby corn manchurian recipe | baby corn manchurian dry recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. an ideal starters recipe prepared with manchurian sauce and baby corn fritters. in other words, baby corn manchuri recipe is very similar to gobi manchuri recipe. however, baby corn manchuri recipe would be more spicy as compared to later. moreover, baby corn manchurian recipes are more crispy and more tasty compared to other manchurian recipe.
idli manchurian
idli manchurian recipe | idly manchurian recipe | leftover idli recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. idli manchurian recipe is a popular street food recipe especially in south indian. this manchurian recipe is a mixture of chinese with an authentic south indian breakfast dish. idli manchurian recipe would give a great experience to your tongue in each bite.
ram laddu recipe
ram ladoo recipe | ram laddu recipe | ram laddu banane ki vidhi with step by step photo and video recipe. delhi street food or chaats recipes are famous for its flavour and taste. there are several different types of chaat recipes started in the smaal delhi streets but has taken over the entire india. one such chaat recipe from the delhi streets is the savoury ram ladoo served with spicy green and tamarind chutney.
corn chaat recipe
corn chaat recipe | masala corn recipe | spicy sweet corn chaat with step by step photo and video recipe. corn chaat or masala corn is common street food in india and is mainly served outside huge shopping malls or cinema theatre's. these day's the simple masala corn can be served in many flavours with different types of suaces like peri peri, sweet chilli and others. but this is simple chaat or salad recipe with basic spices and ingredients.
ragda patties recipe
ragda patties recipe | ragda pattice recipe | ragada recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically this dish consists of two main sub dishes - ragada which is white peas stew or curry and pattice which is a shallow fried potato cutlet. later these 2 dishes are combined together and topped withn chutney, sweet chutney, finely chopped onions, tomatoes and decorated with fine sev and coriander leaves.
congress kadlekai recipe
raja special recipe | congress kadlekai recipe | masala peanut chaat recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. peanuts are a source of many recipes within indian cuisine and also for overseas. primarily it is used as a supporting ingredient which is used either by blending it as a paste or either by adding as a powdered mixture. but this recipe is unique and made as chaat recipe, and served as starter or appetizer.
dahi bhalla recipe
dahi vada recipe | dahi bhalla recipe | north indian dahi bhalle with step by step photo recipe. there are several versions of dahi vada within india which changes with the region. the south indian dahi vada is served as a snack with plain sweet curd. however the north indian or delhi dahi bhalla is pure chaat recipe and is spiced with green chutney, tamarind and chaat masala.
spicy alu chaat
aloo chaat recipe | how to make spicy alu chaat | potato chaat recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a street food or fast food prepared by frying (shallow or deep frying) potatoes till crisp. later it is than spiced up with chaat chutney's like green chutney, imli chutney, chaat masala and topped with finely chopped onions and fine sev.
pav bhaji
pav bhaji recipe in cooker | quick & easy pav bhaji recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. typically pav bhaji recipe is prepared in a large kadai where boiled and mashed vegetables are added together. however, in this version the vegetables are cooked together in a cooker to hasten the process. the same ingredients and vegetables can be used to prepare the traditional pav bhaji recipe in a large kadai.