batata nu shaak recipevideo
batata nu shaak recipe | bateta nu shaak | rasawala batata nu shaak with step by step photo and video recipe. curry or sabzi recipes are essential recipes for many indian households which are made with wide variations of veggies and pulses. each region and state has its own unique and traditional recipes which meets it demographics and taste buds. batata nu shaak recipe is one such easy curry from the gujarati cuisine made with potatoes or batata.
mix veg recipevideo
mix veg recipe | mix vegetable recipe | mixed vegetable curry | mix veg curry with step by step photo and video recipe. indian curries can be prepared with almost any vegetables or grains as its main ingredients. but there are very few curry recipes with combination of vegetables with all the flavors inclusive. mix veg curry is one such recipe prepared with combination of vegetables and paneer in a single curry.
manoli palya
thondekai palya | manoli palya | tindora sabzi | thondekai godambi palya, is popularly called as manoli aajadina / manoli aajatna in udupi-mangalore or in south canara region. this recipe is a speciality of mangalore - udupi houses. this is usually prepared by shetty's and brahmins in south canara. apart from thondekai palya i also love to have thondekai kodekane made from tindora.
suvarnagadde palya
suvarnagadde palya | suran stir fry | elephant yam stir fry with step by step photo recipe. elephant yam stir fry is an tasty and healthy palya in southern india. this side dish goes very well with the rice when served with sambar or rasam. this stir fry recipe is common, instant and easy dish in many south indian house holds.
how to make palak paneer recipe restaurant stylevideo
palak paneer recipe | how to make palak paneer recipe restaurant style with step by step photo and video recipe. there are myriad paneer curries or paneer recipes originated from the popular punjabi cuisine. each of them maintains a subtle difference and variation with its taste, texture and consistency. one such unique, one of the green colored palak curry is palak paneer with paneer cubes, garam masala and other spices.
kaju curry recipevideo
kaju masala recipe | kaju curry recipe | cashew masala curry recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the favorite punjabi cuisine or north indian cuisine creamy curry recipe with all age groups. the combination of crunchy roasted cashew nuts and spicy sauce is just lips smacking. typically it is served with naan or butter roti in restaurants, but it can also be enjoyed with puri, chapathi or even bhatura.
paneer butter masala
paneer butter masala recipe | paneer makhani | butter paneer masala with step by step photo and video recipe. basically this exotic paneer curry is prepared with tomato onion sauce which is creamed with cream and cashews paste. plus it is spiced with whole dry spices and ginger garlic paste. it is typically served with tandoori roti and garlic naan, but certainly can also be tried with jeera rice and pulav recipes.
cabbage sabzi recipe
cabbage sabzi recipe | cabbage curry | cabbage ki sabzi north indian style with step by step photo and video recipe. north indian cuisine is famous for its gravy based curries or sabzi which is typically served with chapathi or naan breads. but if you desire something less fancy without any gravy base than cabbage sabzi recipe is ideal recipe. it not only tastes great with indian breads but also with hot steamed rice too.
chole bhature
chole bhature recipe | chole bhatura recipe | chana bhatura recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. chole bhatura is a combination of chole masala and bhatura recipe. traditionally a punjabi cuisine dish but hugely popular all over the world. this popular combination is ideally served for breakfast and lunch.
chana masala
chana masala recipe | punjabi chole masala recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. it is a popular north indian curry recipe which is widely appreciated all over india. the main ingredient for this exotic curry recipe is chickpea or chana which is pressure cooked with onions and tomatoes. not to forget the indian spices added before cooking this amazing recipe.