instant ready mix masala dosa
masala dosa mix recipe | instant mix ready masala dosa recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically, the idea of this recipe is to prepare the instant mix and store in a air tight container to prepare the dosas whenever required. in other words, this instant mix is very similar to ready mix what we get in most of the indian grocery shops. however, in this recipe there is no preservative as you would expect in store brought one.
veg sandwich
veg sandwich recipe | easy vegetable cheese sandwich recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a common sandwich recipe prepared all over india. it is prepared with vegetable stuffings placed in between of two bread slices. furthermore, it is topped with grated cheese and grilled with butter. the very common vegetables used in such sandwich are, spinach leaves, corn, capsicum and onion.
instant oats dosa recipe | oats masala dosa | oats dosa with aloo bhaji with step by step photo and video recipe. oats recipes are always considered as healthy and nutritional and hence consumed on a daily basis especially for breakfast. but it can be monotonous and you may crave for traditional south indian breakfast recipes especially during weekend. instant oats dosa recipe is an ideal recipe which can be prepared without any hassle.
hari mirch ka achar
chilli pickle recipe | hari mirch ka achar | green chilli pickle | mirchi ka achar | mirchi char with step by step photo and video recipe. this instant pickle recipe is mainly prepared from fresh and tender green chillies which mixed with dry spice powders. it is a popular pickle recipe which is widely appreciated across all indian states. in this post lets learn a simple and easy hari mirch ka achar recipe.
nimbu ka achar
lemon pickle recipe | nimbu ka achar | instant lemon achar recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically this is an instant nimbu ka achar recipe where the limes are pressure cooked with salt which skips the entire marination process. the spice involved in this pickle is very similar to aam ka achar/mango pickle or any other indian pickle recipes but the sourness of lemon takes this recipe to next level.
instant rava uttappa
instant rava uttappa recipe | instant sooji uttapam recipe explained with step by step photo and video recipe. this morning i was feeling you lazy to prepare breakfast and than i realised my aunts instant uttappa recipe with rava or sooji or semolina. i used to love it but was surprised to learn how easy it is prepare.
bread vada recipevideo
bread vada recipe | bread palak vada recipe | palak bread vada with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe for bread vada is very simple with the minimal ingredients easily available in your kitchen. basically you would need curd/yoghurt, semolina/rava, rice flour and crumbled bread slices. in addition i have also added finely chopped palak leaves, which brings health quotient to this recipe.
instant jalebi recipe | homemade crispy jalebi recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. crispy - chewy texture jalebi is a popular sweet in india. jalebis was born in the north and has become famous all over india.
easy malpua recipe with milk powdervideo
instant malpua recipe | easy malpua recipe with milk powder with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally, malpua recipe is prepared with maida flour to which thick and creamy rabdi is added to make it rich and creamy. however in this recipe i have used a instant version with milk powder which negates the preparation time for rabdi and hence this recipe is known as instant malpua recipe.
dhokla in microwavevideo
dhokla in microwave | instant dhokla recipe | microwave gujarati dhokla with step by step photo and video recipe. dhokla recipes are very common and a popular snack food for many gujarati's and also many indians. with its popularity, it has been subject to a wide range of recipe variations and its preparations. the most easy and quick way is to prepare it with microwave and can be prepared within 15 minutes.