kesar milk peda with milkmaid
peda recipe | instant kesar peda recipe | kesar milk peda with milkmaid with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several flavours and varieties to peda recipe which totally depends upon ingredients added to it. moreover it is believed that, peda have originated from mathura which has its own unique characteristics, colour and taste. perhaps this recipe may have similar attributes to mathura peda or mawa peda, but certainly much more easier and hassle free.
wheat dosa recipe
wheat dosa recipe | instant wheat flour dosa | godhuma dosa or godhi dose with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe for wheat dosa is very similar to the popular rava dosa recipe which has the same texture and crisp level. in rava dosa, maida or all purpose flour is added as base and in wheat dosa wheat plays the major role. both recipe tastes great and ideal for weekend breakfast.
mango pickle recipe
mango pickle recipe | aam ka achar | instant mango pickle recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a favourite and popular spicy condiment which can be served with almost all indian recipes. this version is also popularly known as 'adangai' in my hometown, udupi and is typically prepared...
bread uttapam recipe
bread uttapam recipe | instant bread dosa recipe | instant uttapam with step by step photo and video recipe. uttapam is south indian delicacy and traditionally it is prepared with rice and urad dal batter or even with the left over dosa batter. this process can be time consuming and certainly not ideal for busy couples who crave for authentic south indian dosa recipes. instant bread uttapam or instant bread dosa can be a good option which can be prepared without much hassle yet delivers the authentic dosa flavour.
paniyaram recipe
paniyaram recipe | instant appe recipe | instant rava kuzhi paniyaram with step by step photo and video recipe. appe or paniyaram are prepared in a special pan or mould which typically has 9 or 12 shell shapes. the idli batter or leftover batter is poured into each shell which is later steamed by topping it with some oil. it is then later served with choice of chutney or even sambar for morning breakfast.
kalakand recipe
kalakand recipe | how to make instant kalanda recipe with milkmaid with step by step photo and video recipe. kalakand is a popular sweet recipe from the cuisine of state uttar pradesh. however there are other theories which suggests that this milk cake is from ancient rajasthani cuisine. the history could be anything but certainly today kalakand sweet is widely appreciated and liked by every indian.
instant suji ki idli
suji idli recipe | instant suji ki idli | instant plain rava idli recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. rava idli or sooji idli is a speciality of south indian state karnataka which is now popular across india. it is traditionally served with idli sambar and coconut chutney but can be served with choice of chutney.
milk powder burfi recipe
milk powder burfi recipe | milk powder barfi | milk powder recipes with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a type of mithi recipe which is a dense milk based sweet confectionery and has great similarities with the milk peda recipe or kesar milk peda recipe. commonly the milk based burfi is prepared with milk solids like khoya or mawa, however this a cheat version prepared with combination of milk and milk powder. these burfi's are typically topped with choice of dry fruits or even tutti fruiti.
rava dhokla
rava dhokla recipe | instant sooji dhokla recipe | suji ka dhokla with detailed photo and video recipe. dhokla is a vegetarian snack delicacy from the gujarati cuisine. dhokla recipes are typically served for breakfast, main course and even for evening snacks. typically dhokla recipe is prepared from beasn...
bread ki rasmalai with milkmaid
bread rasmalai recipe | bread ki rasmalai with milkmaid | instant rasmalai with step by step photo and video recipe. basically this is a cheat version of traditional bengali cusine rasamlai recipe which is prepared from chenna and rabdi. the taste of bread rasamlai may not match to the authentic rasamlai recipe, but certainly it is a lot easier and less cumbersome.