kadai vegetable recipe
veg kadai recipe | kadai vegetable recipe | vegetable kadai sabzi with step by step photo and video recipe. north idian cuisine or punjabi cuisine is known for its rich and creamy sabzi recipes. typically in vegetarian, it is either made with paneer or deep fried kofta in cream based gravy. but this recipe of veg kadai, inherits the recipe from paneer kadai with same spice masala but with mixed vegetables.
methi chaman recipe
methi chaman recipe | methi chaman curry | paneer methi chaman with step by step photo and video recipe. paneer recipes or paneer gravies are always favorite recipe all over the indian and also with several regional cuisines of india. while most of them is prepared with tomato and onion based curries, yet some do use other sources like leafy vegetables. one such paneer based gravy recipe is methi chaman recipe from palak and fenugreek leaves.
easy paneer chilli with gravy recipe
chilli paneer gravy recipe | easy paneer chilli with gravy recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular indo chinese street food of india which is mainly served as a side dish to indo chinese rice recipes. chilli paneer comes with comes with 2 variants i.e gravy and...
malai laddu
malai ladoo recipe | malai laddu | milk ladoo | paneer ladoo with step by step photo and video recipe. sweets and dessert recipes are very integral to indian cuisine and is specially prepared for auspicious occasions. it is generally made with milk and nut based sweets & desserts. one such easy and simple recipe is malai ladoo or milk ladoo made from milk solids or indian cottage cheese.
dahi bread roll
dahi ke sholay recipe | dahi bread roll | bread curd fire roll | dahi ke sholey with step by step photo and video recipe. this recipe is known with several names which varies with the region but popularly known as dahi bread roll or dahi paneer bread roll. it is perhaps one of the popular deep fried street food in north india especially in punjab and delhi state.
paneer popcorn recipe
paneer popcorn recipe | paneer snacks recipe | paneer starter recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe is very much inspired from its chicken counterpart but perhaps is much easier to prepare it. the highlight of this recipe is its crispy and crunchy outer layer, to the soft and moist texture of the paneer makes it unique and lip smacking recipe. the paneer bites or paneer popcorn's can be relished without any sides but tastes better with spicy tomato ketchup or green chutney.
kala jamun
kala jamun recipe | black jamun recipe with instant khoya or mawa with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally kala jamun recipe was considered shahi or royal and was prepared especially during festival, regional occasions or any special events. but these days it has it entered into domestic kitchens and has become a favourite meal ending dessert. this can be easily prepared in milk powder or mawa or khova, but in this recipe it is prepared with instant khoya.
paneer bites
paneer nuggets recipe | paneer bites | crispy cottage cheese nuggets with step by step photo and video recipe. typically the nuggets are considered as unhealthy and fatty food, especially those served in fast food restaurants. however this recipe of homemade paneer nuggets would not be treated as healthy, but certainly above the standards to the one served in fast food restaurant ch
paneer tikka kathi roll
paneer tikka roll recipe | paneer tikka kathi roll | paneer tikka frankie with step by step photo and video. the recipe begins with paneer cubes marinated in a tikka sauce with diced onions and capsicums. it is then either skewer roasted or pan grilled till the raw smell goes away. finally the assembling, the roti is spread with mint sauce or green chutney and the grilled paneer cubes are placed on top of it with a tight wrap.
veg pulao recipe
veg pulao recipe | vegetable pulao | how to make veg pulav in cooker with step by step photo and video recipe. pulao recipes are very common in many indian households. it is generally made as lunch box or tiffin box recipe, but can also be made for occasions and celebrations. this recipe is dedicated to a basic version of veg pulao made with choice of vegetables without any particular flavour.