spinach soup
palak soup recipe | spinach soup recipe | cream of spinach soup with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a thick liquid food prepared from blending spinach leaves with onions. palak soup recipe | cream of spinach soup recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. spinach...
pepper garlic rasam
pepper garlic rasam recipe | pepper rasam with garlic recipe with step by step photos recipe. pepper garlic rasam is one of the easiest, quickest and healthy rasam out of all the rasam. just imagine if it is raining heavily outside on sunday afternoon and you need something hot-hot with steamed rice. there yo go, pepper garlic rasam would be an ideal candidate.
fenugreek seeds tambli
menthe tambli (tambuli) recipe| fenugreek seeds tambli recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. tambli has always been an integral part of udpui cuisine, and menthe tambli is the queen of all the tambli recipes. fenugreek seeds tambli is the healthiest and the tastiest flavored yogurt recipe. this is served in the beginning of a full course meal as a side dish for steamed rice.
instant poha idli | instant idli with idli rava recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. this is instant idli recipe made from coarse idli rava (rice rava), poha, yogurt and baking soda. these are quick to make because no soaking, grinding and fermenting process required.
bitter gourd chips
karela chips recipe | bitter gourd chips | hagalkayi or pavakkai chips with step by step photo and video recipe. while the bitter gourd recipes are not widely appreciated by everyone, but certainly it does have ardent followers too. however bitter gourd chips can be exceptional and once given a try even a hater starts loving this chips recipe. especially the taste of chips from the tender bitter gourd is certainly irresistible.
beans huli
beans koddel | beans huli | beans sambar | udupi-mangalore style beans koddel with step by step photo recipe. beans koddel is one of the most popular sambar in south indian brahmin home. the flavours of masala are fresh and mild.
masala milk
masala milk recipe | masala doodh recipe is prepared from masala milk powder. this is made with lots of dry fruits and saffron. usually it is very healthy for kids as its full of vitamins and minerals which is very much required for the body.
chana dal
chana dal recipe | chana dal fry recipe | chana dal masala recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. an easy dal fry recipe prepared very similar to popular dal fry recipe which is prepared with toor dal or split pea lentil. basically, the chana dal masala is prepared by pressure cooking the dal with tomato and onion base. it is also added with other indian spices to make it flavorful and aromatic.
pomegranate peel raita
pomegranate peel tambuli recipe | pomegranate peel raita step by step photo recipe. sun dried pomegranate peel tambli is best rescue for diarrhea problem. sun dried pomegranate peal is ground with coconut and some spices and mixed with yogurt
wheat dosa recipe
wheat dosa recipe | instant wheat flour dosa | godhuma dosa or godhi dose with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe for wheat dosa is very similar to the popular rava dosa recipe which has the same texture and crisp level. in rava dosa, maida or all purpose flour is added as base and in wheat dosa wheat plays the major role. both recipe tastes great and ideal for weekend breakfast.