jowar roti
jowar roti recipe | jowar bhakri recipe | jowar ki roti | jolada rotti recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. bhakri recipes are staple diet of north karnataka, maharashtra, goa and southern gujarat. typically bhkari recipes are prepared from wheat flour, sorghum flour, rice flour and also bajra flour. but this recipe is limited to jowar bhakri which is prepared with hot water.
churchur naan on tawa
chur chur naan recipe | churchur naan on tawa | amritsari chur chur naan with step by step photo and video recipe. traditional naan recipes are made just with plain flour and additional flavour of garlic as a topping. but recently there has been a lot of experiment and variation to this traditional north indian flat bread with and without stuffing. one such simple and flavoured stuffed naan recipe chur chur naan recipe from the punjab cuisine.
ari pathiri
pathiri recipe | ari pathiri | malbar rice pathiri | kerala pathiri with step by step photo and video recipe. kerala cuisine or malabar cuisine are famous for their rice based dishes and recipes which can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ari pathiri or malbar rice pathiri is one such rice flat bread made for special occasions or for dinner. it tastes great when served with meat curries, but also equally tastes great with simple veg kurma or chutney recipes.
no tandoor onion kulcha naan
onion kulcha recipe | no tandoor onion kulcha naan | stovetop pyaaz ke kulche with step by step photo and video recipe. kulcha recipes are always popular bread recipes for many indian households. unlike its naan counterpart, it does not require a tandoor oven to bake it and can be made with simple tawa available in the home kitchen. it is generally made with simple spices topping but it can also be made with vegetable topping and onion kulcha is one such variant.
puffed bengali luchai bread
luchi recipe | puffed bengali luchai bread | luchai puri recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indian flat bread recipes are very common across india and are made with different ingredients. as matter of fact each state has its own flavour and way of making these breads which is served with local delicacy. one such hugely popular bengali cuisine delicacy is luchi or luchai recipe made via deep frying.