cabbage pakoda recipe
cabbage pakoda recipe | lachhedar patta gobhi ke pakode | cabbage bhajiya with step by step photo and video recipe. deep-fried snacks or pakora's are one of the favourite tea time snacks for most of us. these are generally made with a choice of vegetables, but some vegetables may not be suitable for every day of a week. hence we may need an alternative vegetable and cabbage based lachhedar patta gobhi ke pakode is one such easy and simple pakora.
schezwan rice recipe
schezwan fried rice recipe | schezwan rice recipe | szechuan fried rice with step by step photo and video recipe. fried rice recipes are one of the popular choices for most of us. it is basically one of the best ways to finish leftover rice and make it more interesting. evidently, it has undergone so many variations with additional sauce and curry toppings. schezwan fried rice recipe is one such easy and simple variation and is known for its flavour and spice rich offerings.
maggi puff recipe
maggi puff recipe | maggi bread puff | maggi bread pockets with step by step photo and video recipe. puff patties or any baked snacks are super popular in India, especially with younger generations. however, preparing the puff pastry can be tricky and requires a lot of effort and dedication to get the same result as external vendors unless you use store-bought sheets. to avoid this stress, you may also use leftover bread slices with the popular maggi stuffing known as maggi bread puff.
bread samosa recipe
bread samosa recipe | bread cone samosa | bread samosa pockets with step by step photo and video recipe. samosa recipes are a super popular snack out of all the savoury snacks from indian cuisine. but it can be tricky to make at home especially if you are not used to making it on a regular basis. hence most of the time we end up buying from a local bakery store. keeping this in mind, i am presenting you with a simple samosa recipe that does not require kneading dough and made with bread slices.
pani puri recipe | golgappa | puchka recipe | pani poori recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indian street food recipes are world famous because of the taste, flavour and combination of spices. most of them are either made with ragda curry or with the combination of deep fried snacks in a chaat chutney. but there are some other unique water based street food recipes and pani puri recipe or golgappa is one such popular street food snack.
stuffed capsicum bonda
capsicum bajji recipe | stuffed capsicum bonda | stuffed capsicum pakora with step by step photo and video recipe. indian street food is a mix of spicy chaat recipes, sandwiches, dessert and deep-fried snacks. in terms of the deep-fried meals, most of them fall under the pakora or bajji where an individual vegetable is coated in spiced batter and deep-fried. similarly, this recipe belongs to a bajji category where the entire capsicum is deep-fried till crisp with potato stuffing.
onion bonda recipe
onion bonda recipe | vengaya bonda | eerulli bonda & red chutney recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. bonda recipes are generally made with a choice of flour like maida or urad dal with a crisp texture. but it is not limited to these flours and can be made with other flours with a combination of vegetables. one such recipe is the onion bonda recipe made with the combination of sliced onions with gram flour coating for a crisp and tasty snack.
bhaji masala pav
masala pav recipe | bhaji masala pav | mumbai street style pav masala with step by step photo and video recipe. street food in india has become one of the popular and sought after meals from all age groups. due to such high demand, it has led to so many variations to the traditional street food snacks. one such simple variation to the pav bhaji recipe is the masala pav recipe where the same pav bread and bhaji is served in a different way to make it attractive and tasty.
chatni cheese bombs
chutney bombs recipe | chatni cheese bombs | green chatni cheese balls with step by step photo and video recipe. cheese balls have always been a great snack or starters recipe, appreciated by all age groups. it is generally made with cheese stuffing with a spiced and savoury vegetable filling in a crunchy breadcrumbs coating. but it can also be extended with other stuffing and green chutney is one such ideal addition to the cheese stuffing making it a lip-smacking snack.
paneer tikka frankie recipe
paneer tikka frankie recipe | tandoori paneer kathi roll | tandoori paneer frankie with step by step photo and video recipe. street food snacks have always been one of the popular demanded snacks recipes. especially with the younger generations who seek something spicy, or a bit of everything in every single bite. these are generally met with the indian street food meals and tandoori paneer tikka frankie recipe is one such roll that has the combination of traditional tikka served in an urban way.