tirunelveli halwavideo
wheat halwa recipe | tirunelveli halwa | godhumai halwa or godhi halwa with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally halwa recipes are super rich dessert recipes with the amount of ghee and sugar used in it while preparing. same applies to wheat halwa recipe and the quantity can be shocking for many. hence it is often prepared for occasions and festival feast.
rava kesari recipevideo
rava kesari recipe | kesari bath recipe | kesari recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. it is a simple sweet recipe prepared with basic ingredients like semolina, sugar and ghee. it is topped with dry fruits like chopped cashews, almonds and some raisins which gives a nice crunchy effect to it. it is also prepared with milk which is known as sheera or rava sheera and it is offered as nivedyam. 
chhena podavideo
chenna poda recipe | chhena poda | how to make oriya chhena poda with step by step photo and video recipe. bengali or odissa recipes are known for for their extensive use of milk and chenna in their dessert recipes. typically the chenna is shaped and boiled in sugar water or milk to make a classic dessert. but this dish is unique where sweetened chenna is baked and burnt to have a unique combination of taste.
adhirasam recipevideo
kajjaya recipe | adhirasam recipe | ariselu recipe or athirasa recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. kajjaya or adhirasam recipe is a popular south indian dessert recipe. it is widely known across all states, but may differ with the texture and the way it is made in all these states. in this recipe i have shared the karnataka version made with coarsely grounded rice in a jaggery syrup.
boondi ladoo recipevideo
boondi ladoo recipe | boondi laddu recipe | bondi ka ladoo with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally boondi ladoo recipe is prepared during festival seasons or for any auspicious or religious occasions. also, it is most commonly prepared during diwali festival celebrations or even navaratri festival.
dinkache ladoovideo
gond ke ladoo | gond laddu | gond ke ladoo | gond ladoo recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. indian cuisine deals with several sweets and desserts recipes which are rich in carbs and sugar. these are generally termed as not good for health and especially for weight watchers and diabetic patient. but this recipe of gond ke ladoo is very unique and is termed as a healthy laddu or sweet recipe.
sabudana kheer recipe
sabudana kheer recipe | sabakki paysa recipe | sago payasam recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. kheer is an easy and tasty dessert recipe from indian subcontinent, and sago kheer is prepared especially during fasting festivals. hence it is prepared during navaratri festival fasting and even during shivaratri fasting festival too. sabakki payasam can be prepared with manu ways, but this recipe is a simple milk based kheer without saffron.
shrikhand recipe | kesar pista shrikhand recipe | easy shrikhand recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. basically in western indian sweet desert recipe prepared from strained curd powdered sugar. it is also mixed with mango pulp or mango juice which is also populalry known as 'amrakhand recipe'. typically it is served as a dessert after full course meal, but certainly can be consumed at any time.
pineapple sheera
pineapple sheera recipe | pineapple suji sheera recipe | pineapple kesari with step by step photo and video recipe. kids loves the sheera with chunks of pineapple. it is also popularly called as suji halwa, sajjige halwa, kesari, kesaribath, pudding or ravakesari.
dates ladoo recipevideo
dates ladoo recipe | khajur laduu recipe | dates nuts laddu recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. compared to other traditional ladoo recipes, khajur laduu's are the healthiest laddu recipes. basically it is made without any sugar or jaggery and is entirely made with grounded dates or khajur. the sweetness to the recipe is entirely comes from dates and hence a healthy dessert for your next celebration.