benefits of dry fruits and nuts | best dry fruits for health


benefits of dry fruits and nuts | best dry fruits for health with photos. dry fruits are one of the best and healthiest fruit with lots of nutritions. adding dry fruits to kids and toddlers diet, prevents and solves many supplement problems. dry fruits are prepared by extracting water either by sun drying or by dehydrators. they are the source of many essential nutrients and best supplement for proteins, vitamins, minerals and dry fruits for health

furthermore, dry fruits and nuts contains zero fat. they are widely used from culinary to medicinal purposes. i have mentioned 5 major benefits of each dry fruits like cashews, raisins, pistachios, dates, almonds and walnut in this article. however, there are myriad uses and significance of dry fruits.

i would like to highlight few of my recipes using dry fruits:

top 5 benefits of cashews or kaju:

benefits of cashew - kajucashews and grow on cashew nut trees and also known as cashew nuts. they are native to tropical and subtropical climates. cashew is eaten raw, used in recipes, or processed into cashew cheese, cashew oil or cashew butter. the crunchy bite with buttery and sweet flavour makes them unique in their own way. cashew nuts are an excellent source of minerals like iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium. they also contain antioxidants, vitamin e and vitamin k. the other names of cashews are:

  • cashew in hindi
  • godambi in kannada
  • kaju in marathi and gujarati
  • muntiri in tamil
  • jidi in telugu
  • kasuvanti in malayalam
  1. firstly, cashews are good for brain and helps in smooth functioning of kidney.
  2. also, by consuming cashews increases blood count and thus solves the problem of anemia.
  3. to boost energy, consume 3-4 cashews with a glass of milk every morning, especially in winter.
  4. furthermore, cashews strengthens bones and muscles as they contain magnesium.
  5. finally, cashew-nuts reduces cholesterol level thus helps in maintaining healthy heart.

top 5 benefits of raisins or kishmish:

benefits of raisins - kishmishraisins are dried grapes. they are alternative to chocolates and candies as they are delicious in taste. raisins can be eaten raw or used in baking, also in preparing varieties of desserts and cookies. they are an excellent source of minerals like iron, copper, potassium. they also contains vitamin b, vitamin k and vitamin e. the other names of raisins are :

  • kishmish in hindi
  • ona drakshi in kannada
  • manuka in marathi
  • khismis in gujarati
  • kaintha thratchai in tamil
  • yendu dhraksha in telugu
  • unakku munthiringa in malayalam
  1. firstly, to cure indigestion and skin allergies consume mashing 5-6 raisins in water.
  2. also, consuming raisins cures tuberculosis and constipation.
  3. raisins are energy and immunity booster and also strengthens bones.
  4. furthermore, raisins and cashews increases blood count and also resistance power.
  5. finally, raisins prevents cancer, reduce blood pressure and keeps heart healthy.

top 5 benefits of pistachios:

benefits of pista - pistachiospistachios are nuts with tasty and crunchy in nature. they are available in various forms such as shelled, unshelled, sweetened or salted. shell protects pistachios from damage or various infections. pistachios can be eaten raw or roasted and also used in the garnishing of sweets and desserts. they are very good for maintaining healthy skin. therefore pistachios are used in the preparation of skin lotions and also creams. pistachios are packed with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and calcium. they are also rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and also vitamin c, e, a and k. the other names of pistachios are :

  • pista in hindi, gujarati, marathi and kannada
  • pistalu in telugu
  • pistaniyan in tamil
  • pistachios in malayalam
  1. firstly pistachios prevents cancer and purifies blood, therefore it is good for nervous system.
  2. also, pistachios are energy booster and also helps in maintaining good eye sight.
  3. pistachios reduces acne, skin dryness, sign of aging and there by provides glow to the skin.
  4. furthermore, they boosts immunity, also improves digestion and helps in maintaining healthy heart.
  5. finally, pistachios helps in reducing hair fall, increase in hair growth and thus maintains strong and healthy hair.

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top 5 benefits of dates or khajoor:

benefits of dates - khajoordates are the fruit of palm trees. they are available both in fresh and dried form with several health benefits. dates can be eaten as raw or used in baking, in the preparation chutneys and also used in varieties of desserts. dates contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose too. dates are packed with sufficient minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus. they are also rich in fibres, vitamin a and vitamin k. the other names of dates are:

  • khajoor in hindi and gujarati
  • kharjoora in kannada
  • kharik in marathi
  • pericham pazham in tamil
  • kharjuramu in telugu
  • eenthapazham in malayalam
  1. firstly, consuming dates daily cures piles, diarrhea, constipation problem and also increases sperm count.
  2. also, dates improves digestion and thus maintains healthy intestine.
  3. dates are energy and immunity boosters and also maintains good eye sight, healthy bones, skin and hair.
  4. furthermore, dates prevents anemia, stomach cancer, acidity and also heart diseases.
  5. finally, pregnant women consuming dates, helps in smoother delivery and also increases breast milk after delivery.

top 5 benefits of almonds or badam:

benefits of badam - almondsalmond is an edible seed which grows on almond tree. almond is eaten raw or roasted. they are available in many forms such as whole, sliced, flour or as oil. they are the basic ingredient to almond butter and almond milk. also almonds are used in the preparation of variety of desserts. crushed almonds are also wonderful garnish for many sweets. almonds helps in maintaining healthy skin and hair. hence they are used in the preparation of soaps, creams, cleansing lotions, moisturizers, and also shampoos. almonds are packed with essential nutrients like proteins, calcium, iron, fibers, carbohydrates, magnesium, phosphorus and also vitamin e. the other names of almond are :

  • badam in hindi, gujarati and marathi
  • badami in kannada
  • badamkayi in telugu
  • vadhumai in tamil
  • badam parippu in malayalam
  1. firstly, almonds are good for blood circulation, eliminates bad cholesterol, and also good for eyes, strong bones and muscles.
  2. also, almonds are energy boosters, cures piles, asthma, bronchitis, and also helps in maintaining healthy heart.
  3. soaking almond in water the previous day and consuming it the next day improves memory power in children.
  4. furthermore, almonds are good for throat pain, improves digestion, increases sperm count, breast milk and also cures stammering problem in children.
  5. finally, consuming milk with 3 drops of almond oil twice a day breaks kidney stones.

top 5 benefits of walnut or akrot:

benefits of walnut - akrotwalnuts are round, single seeded stone fruit grown on walnut tree. they are available in many forms such as raw, roasted, salted and also unsalted. walnuts have several health benefits, hence they are used in the preparation of cakes, cookies and also chocolates. they play a important role in maintaining healthy skin and hair. therefore walnuts and its oil are used in the preparation of skin lotions, creams and also shampoos. walnuts are rich source of nutrients such as proteins, calcium, carbohydrates and minerals like magnesium, iron and phosphorus. they also contain fibers, antioxidants and vitamin b, c and e. the other names for walnut are :

  • akrot in hindi and gujarati
  • akrod in marathi
  • acrota in kannada
  • akroot kaya in telugu
  • akrottu in tamil
  • akrothandi in malayalam

  1. firstly, walnut prevents cancer and heart diseases thus maintaining healthy heart and blood circulation.
  2. also, they are energy and memory boosters, reduces bad cholesterol, acidity and also increases resistance power.
  3. walnut increases in sperm count in men, reduce risk of diabetes and also maintains healthy bones.
  4. furthermore, walnuts improves digestion, controls weight and also good for constipation problem.
  5. finally, walnuts are good for pregnant women and also provides good sleep and relaxation from stress.


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