top 6 health benefits of mint leaf | diy home remedies with pudina


top 6 health benefits of mint leaf | diy home remedies with pudina with photos. peppermint leaf / pudina are other popular names of mint leaf. pudina is known as a refreshment herb with great fragrance. mint has many uses from culinary to medicinal. i have mentioned 6 major mint benefits in this article. however there are myriad uses and significance of mint leaves.
diy home remedies with pudina

top 6 health benefits of mint leaf | diy home remedies with pudina with step by step photos. mint – scientific name is ‘mentha‘. mint is also called as ‘pudeena’ in hindi, kannada and telugu. also known as ‘mint’ in marathi, ‘tankasala’ in gujarati and ‘putina’ in tamil and malayalam. they are rich in proteins, also contains iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin a and c. mint leaf is originated in asia but consumed across the world.

in addition, there are many health benefits of mint leaves. they improve digestion and prevents nausea. they also acts as anti cancer agent. mint leaves helps in the treatment of asthma, common cold, headache, cough and diarrhea. furthermore, they help in clearing blocking of nose, throat, lungs and cures seasonal allergies. mint leaves solves the problem of morning sickness in pregnant women, however should be careful while consuming it. finally, mint leaves also helps in treating gastritis problem, ulcers and strengthens liver.

top 6 health benefits of mint leaffurthermore, mint can be used in fresh, dry, paste or in oil form for skin and oral care. mint leaves acts as moisturiser and helps to attain glowing skin. it also reduces wrinkles, blackheads, dark circles, skin rashes and pimples. therefore, mint leaves are used in the preparation of cleansing lotion. rubbing mint leaves freshens breath and whitens teeth. they also help in the treating tooth decay, and cleans tongue too. due to its anti inflammatory properties, they keeps gum healthy and prevents bacterial growth inside the mouth. mint are thus used in the preparation of tooth paste, mouth freshers and chewing gum.

in conclusion, mint leaves are having several uses in traditional medicine. mint is the most essential ingredient in indian kitchen. the refreshing aroma, and medicinal property makes them to use is cooking. garnishing gravies and curries with mint leaves makes more flavourful and aromatic.

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tips of mint leaf and benefits of mint leaf:

  1. firstly, by gargling mint juice with salt cures throat pain due to the cold.
    top 6 health benefits of mint leaf
  2. consuming mint tea 2-3 times a day solves the problem of indigestion and cold.
    top 6 health benefits of mint leaf
  3. also, consuming equal quantity of mint juice with honey cures gas trouble and vomit.
    diy home remedies with pudina
  4. additionally, consuming mint leaf before and after food cures the problem of bad breathe.
    top 6 health benefits of mint leaf
  5. furthermore, applying mint paste with turmeric to face and washing it after half an hour vanishes pimples.
    diy home remedies with pudina
  6. finally, mix mint juice along with ½ tsp ginger, 1 tsp lemon juice and little honey. consume thrice for 3 days to stop vomiting.
    diy home remedies with pudina

notes :

  • firstly, mint leaves are used in preparation of chutneys, salads, sauces, beverages and chocolates.
  • mint leaves may cause heart burn, also allergic reactions like headache and mouth sores to few people.
  • in addition, excess consumption of mint leaf may cause stomach ulcers.
  • also, better to avoid mint leaf in infants and children.
  • additionally, store mint leaves for a week by refrigerating.
  • storing in loose plastic bag increases the life of mint leaves.
  • pudina so boosts memory, immunity and is good for stress and depression.
  • furthermore, treat the scalp and grow healthy hair by using mint oil.
  • finally, use mint oil to control pests, parasites and also acts as a mosquito repellent.