top 8 health benefits of onion | diy home remedies with onion


top 8 health benefits of onion | diy home remedies with onion with photos. onions are considered as the world’s healthiest foods and one of the best vegetable with several health benefits. onion are not only used in culinary but also for medicinal purposes, skin and hair care. i have mentioned 8 major uses of onion in this article. however there are myriad uses and significance of onion.
top 8 health benefits of onion

top 8 health benefits of onion | diy home remedies with onion with step by step photos. onion, scientific name is ‘allium cepa‘. it is rich in vitamin c and contains calcium, iron, sulfur, fibers and potassium. additionally, they are low in sodium and contains no fat. onions are called ‘eerulli‘ in kannada, ‘pyaaj‘ in hindi, ‘kaanda‘ in marathi, ‘dungali‘ in gujarati, ‘venkayam‘ in tamil, ‘ullipaya‘ in telugu and ‘ulli‘ in malayalam.

red onion, white onions, brown onion and spring onions are varieties of onions grown and used all over the world. in addition, there are few myths about onion along with onion benefits. one of the myth is that, onion when cut and exposed for long time, turns poisonous. but the fact is, bacteria in air infects to the exposed onion. the other myth is, cooked onion will loose nutrients. but the fact is, both cooked or raw, will retain the nutrients. the final myth is that there is no solution for onion breathe. but the fact is, eating mint leaf solves the issue.

top 8 health benefits of onion

eyes gets irritated when chopping, due to the presence of chemical substances in it. furthermore, the benefits of onion are due to the presence of antibiotic and antiseptic properties. onions reduces cholesterol level and prevents heart risks, cancer, gastritis, bronchitis and asthma. it cures digestion problem, loss of appetite and stomach upset. onion also cures ear ache, eye irritation, common cold, whooping cough and sore throat. lastly, onion is used in the treatment of insomnia (sleeplessness), arthritis tooth ache and decaying of tooth.

finally, to conclude with the major benefits of onion. onion is a very common ingredient in every indian kitchen and are foundation to almost every recipes. onions are used to prepare chutneys, soups, salad, sauce, etc. onions can be fried, roasted, sautéed, baked, boiled, grilled, or eaten raw in salads and burgers. it also add unique flavour and fragrance to any recipes.

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tips of onion and onion benefits :

  1. firstly, inhaling crushed onions stops bleeding of nose.
    diy home remedies with onion
  2. also, consumption of onion juice with honey treats common cold, cough and flu.
    top 8 health benefits of onion
  3. applying onion juice with mustard oil or coconut oil on the effected joints, cures arthritis problem.
    top 8 health benefits of onion
  4. in addition, consuming 1 tsp of onion juice with 1 tsp of jaggery cures dry cough.
    top 8 health benefits of onion
  5. consumption of chopped onion fried in ghee with rice solves piles problem.
    diy home remedies with onion
  6. furthermore, consuming burnt onion solves indigestion and also piles problem.
  7. also, applying onion paste on tooth, prevents tooth decay.
    diy home remedies with onion
  8. finally, applying onion juice with turmeric on skin cures skin irritation.
    diy home remedies with onion


  • firstly, consuming onion decreases blood sugar level, heart burn, reduce in blood pressure.
  • also, pregnant woman should be careful in consuming onion though its good for health.
  • always store onion in a basket with ventilation holes and do not store in a air tight container.
  • furthermore, do not refrigerate onion as they absorbs moisture and turns soft.
  • additionally, onion helps to prevent hair loss thus reduces dandruff there by maintaining healthy hair.
  • finally, applying onion paste to skin cures insect bites, boils, wounds, scares and also acne.


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