top 6 honey benefits | diy home remedies with honey


top 6 honey benefits | diy home remedies with honey along with photos. honey is considered as one of the best and oldest sweet product with several health benefits. honey is a best alternative for sugar and used for sweetness. honey is not only used for cooking purposes, but also has medicinal usage and is used for skin and hair care. i have mentioned 6 major tips in this article. however there are myriad uses and significance of honey.
top 6 honey benefits

top 6 honey benefits | diy home remedies with honey with step by step photos. honey contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. honey is called as ‘shahad’ in hindi, ‘jenu’ in kannada, ‘madha’ in marathi and gujarati, ‘ten’ in tamil and malayalam, ‘tene’ in telugu. honey is used by the people of all the regions across the world.

firstly, honey is prepared from honey bees by sucking the nectar of various flowers. however they undergo few processing stages. and finally, stored in honey comb for further usage. additionally, there are few myths about honey. the most common myth is that, honey never spoils. but the fact is, honey spoils if it is not stored properly. the other myth is that, white foam in honey is considered as a spoiled honey. but the fact is, it is pure and fresh honey. the third myth is that, children should not eat honey as they loose weight. but, the fact is, they can eat honey as an alternate to sugary snacks. also, the final myth is, darker honey is not good compared to lighter honey. but the fact is, both have the same effect.

diy home remedies with honey

furthermore, honey is added to a healthy diet as they are fat free. honey helps to lower the cholesterol level, and thus prevents heart diseases. they also prevents cancer, reduce ulcers, and regulate blood sugar level. honey reduces phlegm (kapha), cough, throat irritation and also cures tuberculosis. honey are energy, memory and immunity boosters. honey improves digestion, strengthens nerves and there by soothes blood circulation. due to its anti bacterial and anti septic properties, they are used in the treatment of skin allergies, also heals wounds and burns.

finally, to conclude with one of the main benefits of honey. a common ingredient in every indian kitchen is honey. the chemical properties present in honey helps in baking, desserts, and as a spread on bread. honey is a substitute for sugar and add unique flavour and colour. also used in the preparation of beverages such as tea, juice, jams and jellies.

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tips of honey & honey benefits :

  1. firstly, applying honey to lips prevents in cracking of lips especially in winter season.
  2. also, daily intake of honey soothes eyes and increases memory power.
  3. in addition, daily consuming 2 tsp honey cures the constipation problem.
  4. also consuming 3 tsp of honey at night cures excess urination problem.
  5. furthermore, consuming 4 tsp honey daily reduces fat.
  6. finally, consuming tulasi mixed with honey for 3 days, reduces cough and fever in children.

notes :

  • firstly, never mix honey with hot water as they may reduce flavour, odour and destroys nutrients.
  • weak immunity people, avoid consuming honey as they may lead to anti bacterial and anti fungal infections.
  • also, do not feed honey to infants as they contain bacterial spores.
  • excess consumption of honey will put sugar high or low as honey contains sugar.
  • always use pure and raw honey than refined honey.
  • in addition, store honey in a air tight container or freeze it but away from sunlight.
  • also honey acts as moisturiser, for maintaining healthy skin.
  • furthermore, consuming honey helps to fall asleep fast thus gives sound sleep.
  • finally, honey used in hair care helps to remove dandruff and keep scalp healthy.


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