gajar ka halwa recipe with condensed milk
gajar ka halwa with milkmaid | carrot halwa recipe with condensed milk with step by step photo and video recipe. basically a cheat version of carrot halwa prepared and cooked with condensed milk or sweetened evaporated milk. traditionally, grated carrots are boiled and cooked in milk till it turns to be thick. however, in this recipe, grated carrots are cooked in milkmaid which is already thick to hasten the complete process.
rava laddu recipevideo
rava ladoo recipe | rava laddu recipe | sooji laddu or sooji ladoo with step by step photo and video recipe. laddu recipes are common sweet recipes during festival season and rava laddu is one such sweet recipe. unlike other indian ladoo's, it requires only few main ingredients. basically it is prepared with roasted semolina, coconut, sugar and dry fruits.
dry fruit barfi recipevideo
dry fruit barfi recipe | dry fruit burfi recipe | sugar free dry fruit barfi with step by step photo and video recipe. indian sweets recipes are popular and made on several indian festival and celebrations. but most of them are made with huge amounts of sugar or jaggery, and hence may raise eyebrows for diet watchers. dry fruit barfi recipe is the perfect answer for those which does not have any extra sugar added and thus making a healthy sweet.
poha ladduvideo
aval laddu recipe | poha laddu | poha ladoo | atukula laddu with step by step photo and video recipe. south indian cuisine has a close relation to the festivals celebrated in india. and there are some dedicated sweets recipe made especially during the particular hindu festival. one such easy and simple laddu sweet recipe is the aval laddu recipe which is specifically made for lord krishna during krishna jayanthi festival.
rava burfi recipevideo
rava burfi recipe | suji barfi recipe | sooji ka barfi with step by step photo and video recipe. traditional barfi recipes are either prepared from powdered dry fruits/nuts or with the combination of flours. but rava barfi or suji burfi is a new variant which is prepared very similar to sooji halwa which is later dried and shaped to square or diamond solids. it can be an ideal and economical sweet recipe for any occasions and celebrations without much preparations required.
puffed rice ladoovideo
pori urundai recipe | murmura laddu | murmure ke ladoo | puffed rice ladoo with step by step photo and video recipe. laddu recipes are very common desserts made across india for various occasions. some are purpose or occasional based sweets and some are random and unplanned ladoo sweet. but this recipe of pori urundai or murmura laddu is a unique sweet which can be offered for both the categories without any complaints.
maida burfi recipevideo
maida burfi recipe | maida tiranga burfi | tiranga burfi recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. yet another simple barfi recipe which is hugely popular in south india and is prepared mainly with intention to share with family and friends for any family celebration. it is the most common sweet offered to the guests arrived for any family function. it is served with the combination of juicy desserts like besan laddo or motichur ladoo and some banana chips or spiced cashew nuts.
how to make palkova with milkvideo
palkova recipe | how to make palkova with milk | palgova recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the most famous south indian sweet recipe prepared from fresh creamy milk. the recipe is very simple and is prepared with just 2 ingredients, i.e milk and optionally sugar. also there several ways of preparing it including the instant way, but i have shown you the traditional way of making this recipe.
mango barfivideo
mango burfi recipe | mango barfi | mango coconut burfi recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. summer season india is very colorful and is full of tropical fruits. these fruits are not just relished by itself and is used heavily in indian cuisine to make beverages and desserts. one such popular indian sweet recipe is the mango coconut barfi known for its combination of mango and coconut flavor.
balushahi recipevideo
balushahi recipe | badusha recipe | badusha sweet or badhusha sweet with step by step photo and video recipe. the recipe begins with preparing a hard dough from all purpose flour with ghee and baking soda. later the dough is shaped into a small flat balls followed by deep frying in clarified butter. finally it is dipped in a thick sugar syrup to form a crystal sugar coating.