why skipping breakfast is bad & how to deal it with healthy food intakes


why skipping breakfast is bad & how to deal it with healthy food intakes. simple hacks to start your day with healthy food intakes.
why skipping breakfast is bad & how to deal it with healthy food intakes

“morning rush”! – you are going to school or office or even a home maker; everyone become it’s victim. but sometimes these are just the reasons to escape from answering. we earn to be happy, but why does one forget that happiness comes with good health? yes, health is wealth and to save this wealth one must fuel himself on time to remain fit.

agreed that everyone is not leading same life style:
mr. x might have hit the gym early morning or might have had the perfect intake, just after a few miles of early morning workout or a brisk walk. all set by 8:30 am for work / job hunt. while mr. y might be unlike mr. x. he might be a night owl waking up at 11:00 am. not all are organised. hence, be it a night owl or an early eagle; considering 7-8 hour of sleep, the body is barely with any food for 7-8 hours. it does require certain amount of calories in order to function effectively for the rest of the day.

Must Read:

why skipping breakfast is bad & how to deal it with healthy food intakesreasons for skipping breakfast:

common reasons by people for skipping breakfast and some tips to deal with the same.

lack of freedom of choice:
yes, most of the time it’s like, “damn! poha again☹”. we quickly get bored of usual food.
solution: why not prepare your own customised signature snack? be your own chef, like you are one of the contestant in the best chef reality show trying out new healthy quick snacks. believe me, it feels awesome to start your day with your customised recipe. do give it a try to breakfast recipe collection.

lack of time:
in the present scenario, where people are on a horse ride, they usually give reasons for not finding time for breakfast. really! am sorry to say but if you don’t prioritise your breakfast then you aren’t good in prioritising things. maybe, you take breakfast lightly by not realising its importance.
solution: firstly, stop fooling yourself. you are going to be no good if you fall sick or if you aren’t fuelled properly on timely manner. try to keep stuffs ready in advance, say the previous night with overnight oatmeal recipe. some food intakes don’t take much of your time. fruits, yogurt etc. refer to the end of articles for list of food intakes which can be prepared and consumed quickly.

wrong predictions or assumptions:
most of the time it’s the wrong mindset which people have with respect to skipping breakfast. they assume that they might lose weight by skipping breakfast which is actually wrong. it is usual thing to have a heavy brunch or a lunch (which isn’t recommended) if the breakfast is skipped. reason being that, the body is deprived of the necessary amount of calories during the start of the day. this makes you hog more during the lunch.
solution: please know the importance of breakfast and the side effects if skipped.

importance of breakfast:

  • improves your thinking capacity
  • increases concentration
  • protects you from diabetes
  • increases metabolism
  • regulates the sugar in the blood at more efficient rate. in the morning, the body has low sugar levels.

10 easy breakfast recipes:

top 10 food items which can be easily prepared and consumed without investing much time:

  1. fresh fruit juices and shakes
  2. fruit popsicles
  3. instant poha mix
  4. homemade banana bread
  5. overnight oats with banana
  6. mango smoothies
  7. oats upma
  8. sandwich recipes
  9. dry fruit laddu 
  10. grab and go options like granola bars.

the list goes on and on. you can see the options and am sure you can pick at least one of these to be effective the whole day.
wake up! it’s never late to correct yourself. yes, we wouldn’t be WHOLE without the breakfast. never work before your breakfast, if you got to do so, eat breakfast first. there’s a saying,
“eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper!”

happy eating!!!
do provide us your valuable feedback and share your breakfast ideas and help others.


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